Kendrick Lamar – Alright


To Pimp A Butterfly album out now iTunes: Target: Google Play: …


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  1. kendrick has a lot of dark energy in some of his music and the start of this music.

    anyone else noticing this

  2. partying and drinking in fire with money everywhere and the boy being chased by demons.

    The demomic screaming and the substituion of 'lucifer' over 'evil' like the album version

    What is that all about?

  3. real213 says:

    2:20 why wasn't this on untitled unmastered? i keep this part on repeat! i

  4. Now thats how you do hip hop

  5. van luthfan says:

    More than grammy

  6. Kendrick's going to be the next west coast king once dr dre passes away then he'll take over aftermath

  7. Jo Han says:

    nah we ain't alright

  8. Zedskeee says:

    Kinda wish he would release the full song at 2:04

  9. Stoic Beats says:

    we gon be alRIGHT!

  10. Bruno Dias says:

    in the 2:202:36 is a song ?

  11. Nate watson says:


  12. funk you says:

    kendricks message puts a new meaning to the words…

    my grandpa was a 25 yr homicide detective.

    but i hate dirty racist cops who put my grandpas name to shame. fuck you dirty cunts.

  13. The Best rappers in the world are

    1. Capital Steez
    2. Lupe Fiasco
    3. AB-Soul
    4. Joey Bada$$
    5. Kendrick Lamar
    6. Mick Jenkins
    7. Big K.R.I.T
    8. J.Cole
    9. Logic
    10. Chance the Rapper
    11. Earl Sweatshirt
    12. Isaiah Rashad
    13. Danny Brown
    14. Childish Gambino
    15. A$AP Rocky
    16. Schoolboy Q
    17. The Underachievers
    18. Jay Rock
    19. Action Bronson
    20. Mac Miller
    21. Vince Staples
    22. Curren$y
    23. Freddie Gibbs
    24. Slaughterhouse
    25. Hopsin
    26. Horseshoe Gang
    27. Dizzy Wright
    28. Futuristic
    29. Ritzz
    30. Yelawolf
    31. Swizzz
    32. Snow tha Product
    33. King Los
    34. Denzel Curry
    35. Nicki Minaj
    36. Vic Mensa
    37. Dessy Hinds
    38. Drake
    39. Jarren Benton
    40. CJ Fly
    41. Nyck Caution
    42. Wiz Khalifa
    43. Tyler, the Creator
    44. G Eazy
    45. Mayday!!!!
    46. Domo Geneis
    47. Frank Ocean
    48. Mike G
    49. Montana of 300
    50. G Hebro
    51. Lil Snupe
    52. Lil Bibby
    53. Left Brain
    54. Dirty Sanchez
    55. Young Thug

    My favorite rappers

  14. Wake these niggas up

  15. mason johnso says:

    he did win a Grammy wtf are they talking about

  16. This is appalling. Over-hyped nonsense.

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