Kevin Durant The Offseason Full Documentary


Watch the Reigning NBA MVP in a Very Personal Documentary on his Offseason During the 2014 Summer.


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  1. 10dchat says:

    Kd is one of my fav players

  2. KD's had such an amazing Journey he'll win a NBA championship by 2018 i believe he just has to much talent & drive to become a champion

  3. quez clark says:

    at da 2k conference james is like bitch stop lying

  4. ben rose says:

    42:44 lol the real DJ Khaled

  5. Zain Alvi says:

    KD predicted lebron so hard if they lose this one lebron so gone.

  6. santi781 says:

    17:11 "i got my own tennis shoe" uhhh ok.

  7. 49:27 Brit McHenry sighting

  8. kd's not settling for 2nd anymore

  9. Noctis says:

    Around 30 minutes, hardest I've seen Harden ever D-up somebody.

  10. John Lou says:

    Humble man right here he cares about his communety

  11. Kd is hella good even curry

  12. Kevin Durant is my favorite player and it's amazing what he went through and how he got to where he is now. True inspiration and in my opinion the best NBA player.

  13. AJ Serrette says:

    this guy other than Lebron and Melo is one if my favorite players to watch what a cool dude and a humble person I really hope he wins a ring and I hope he wins it in OKC!!!!!!!!

  14. Tyeem Mason says:

    when I get older I wanna be like Kevin durrent

  15. Wow…. that anotation tough

  16. all of this is true

  17. I love KD he is awesome also SC30

  18. Kevin durant go to warriors

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