Kevin Smith on Prince (funny)


fair use for … well … just to know how spaced out people work … and a good laugh for the masses.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this and it is very funny, however,  I wasn't there but this is one sided as well as he might have had more respect for you had you had more respect for him and the fact that he chose you for such a project close to his heart.

  2. hes bad at story telling

  3. Bri nln says:

    I would love to see the footage he recorded!

  4. Leo9dis says:

    bunch of mouth breathers

  5. Uno Dos says:

    Several thoughts: 1) If this is off the cuff, Smith is a genius storyteller. 2) Smith is hilarious. 3) Prince… sure, he's a God in terms of music… but the greatest legends have the craziest stories about them that contributes to a larger than life legend. 4) If this isn't an example of Smith burning serious bridges, I don't know what is. And Smith seems to do this quite a bit to other celebrities… which seems like really damaging bridge burning for the benefit of making a crowd laugh for a half hour.

  6. Dragon Dada says:

    well he should have bye the 1st time then he would probably have said thank you.. but this was Hella funny

  7. Dragon Dada says:

    we will miss you prince… let's get that vault of unheard of music

  8. po1980 abc says:

    omfg this is funnny

  9. LOL @ all the butthurt Prince fans.

  10. clarice525 says:

    You know, Prince has a point. Kevin Smith curses so often, why would Prince allow one of his songs to be used in  a movie that will obviously include cursing?Still, this was a strangely interesting take on the man we knew as Prince.

  11. Tyler Vanner says:

    you sort of changed the world with Dogma and Clerks etc

  12. Tyler Vanner says:

    Lets hope these tapes make it to the public now lol

  13. Someone get the keys to Prince's vault!…

  14. Paul Anstey says:

    If I had a nickel for every time I wanted a camel at 3am in the morning in Minnesota…

  15. I came here because Chris Moyles told me to. And for that I am ashamed, and I apologise.

  16. Definitely call the doc "Chaka Mad"

  17. Gotta Go says:

    I bet Kevin feels like a bit of a dick now haha…

  18. Mahmoud Fez says:

    As far as I recall, "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World" was written or co-written by Ricky Peterson. Maybe that's why Prince refused. It's not really his song.

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