KFC is Illuminati


Make guaranteed you wipe the grease off that is all about you with your napkin )

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Brian Rommel Mirador – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1MPvmVLEnELPXonzoPMdog


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  1. JADEN CARTER says:

    SO FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jeremy Diaz says:

    who subscribe to this dumb shit, oh wait the sleeps that are asleep. stupid nonsense to connect things to the illuminati when the commentary is clearly trying to get people to believe everything is illuminati and joking about it but for the most part everything is cause they control the slaves with mind control

  3. TPPX says:

    what is the background music

  4. KFC.
    swap the K and the F.
    swap the K and the C.
    add a U after the F.

  5. people make these videos because they have nothing else better to do in there life

  6. Do u know what else is blue? THE BLUE COLOUR!

  7. Zach Smith says:

    It gave me a heart attack

  8. the way chicken is said triggers me lmao XD

  9. This guy has terrible grammar

  10. KFC is red
    Red is next to purple on the color wheel
    One eyed one horned flying purple people eater
    One eyed

  11. Serazahar says:

    anyone know what music he used?

  12. Zaira ali says:

    Shut the fuck up???

  13. Carlos Yoel says:

    vegimite is black, do u know what else is black? that's rigt seals drop the mic

  14. Rooster says:


  15. you added a joke into that so you're fired

  16. ………………………

  17. LOL I have watched this so many times and I am still amazed!

  18. Nelson Diaz says:

    KFC has three letters. The illumanati has three sides. KFC is ILLUMANATI

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