KKK Documentary Admitted Fake – A&E’s “Generation KKK” Staged by Producers


A documentary shot for A&E about the KKK has been exposed as fake. Originally titled “Generation KKK” and later renamed to “Escaping the KKK” has been …


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  1. My history teacher recently told me about trumps father supporting the Nazis financially during WW2. Have you heard about that?

  2. mexcan fun says:

    Nothing to do with this vidio, the nwo has shut it down with bullshit, utube is so hacked with bullshit its gets hard to watch.

  3. InqWiper says:

    White privilege is to have your money and land taken from you and given to random people from all over the world. Ask Europe.

  4. Do more videos of you asking people on the street questions..

  5. Melissa Lee says:

    Actually the KKK is founded more on religious beliefs. And emphasis how segregation is key all throughout the Bible. When integration takes place God punishes his people. They burn the cross, not as a symbol of hate, but as a symbol of their beliefs, Jesus is the light of the world.

  6. His debate did say "make America again" unless I'm missing something

  7. BigBadSeed says:

    You know how that article demonstrates the fact that white supremacists are not a threat to America?
    It uses phrases like "dozens of members" and "hundreds of dollars."
    The KKK is weak. White supremacy is weak. Don't believe the hype.

  8. Ryan Kearns says:

    The confederate flag is NOT racist.

  9. So I guess racism isn't real either huh

  10. Inbred is a trigger word so respek others and call it HOME GROWN.

    It joke.

  11. smiley pony says:

    Mark Dice is schizophrenia

  12. urantiruslan says:

    BLM= niggers lives matter blacks are the offspring of Satan that's why they a they are black

  13. BIGPoJo says:

    Muffed homoerotic gas mask voice

    The fire rises.

  14. Ferdinand II says:

    The klan isn't bad today, stop demonizing them.

  15. jerry springer show is fake

  16. stupid topic NO ONE F_ING CARES ABOUT THE KKK

  17. james Sho says:

    Say what u want about the kkk but the grand dragon is the coolest name for a leader

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