KMFDM WWIII 2003. I have no right to anything in this video . All rights belong to KMFDM , all associate members , and the label …


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  1. sgrave1 says:

    the art cover is so sad, but the beat so good

  2. Like maybe a Grammy?

  3. arnoldtm31 says:

    Snake Plissken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Archie Piper says:

    Super ultra ear orgasm rape and beauty

  5. Jax DeLay says:

    This song has the most badass intro ever

  6. Traxxasred says:

    i like this long history of using george w bush speeches in an ironic context

  7. The Failed Escape from New York brought me here.

  8. Mick Morry says:

    Fucking awesome!

  9. KMFDM RULEZ!!! Ilike that this song is on Saint Row The Third.

  10. rawkout says:

    Impending end of the world brought me here.

  11. sam ax says:

    This; from beginning, to end.
    Wicked good times

  12. J Stewart says:

    this is rather BAD ASS.

  13. GBZ says:

    This song seriously makes me want to learn how to play a banjo. And its gonna happen LMAO.

  14. Justin Brown says:

    When I came looking for this song I almost thought I had the wrong song before it picked up. Still sounds great.

  15. It's VERY good! I never heard before from this band

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