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20 Responses

  1. I know who you are because of Joe nobody!!!

  2. Target what have you done to our community lol

  3. Jay t says:

    come to my mma ring boys battle it out lol

  4. Soloman needs to change his name to NOSTRADUMBASS!!!

  5. Tdot47 T says:

    Touchtone, u made a video calling Husham a scammer but the fact is, u and Soloman are the biggest scammers. U guys are greedy and every time ur open ur mouths is about money. U guys took people money including myself and never delivered those fucking magazine. Ur need to stop the shit and let people enjoy Kodi!!

  6. LJ White says:

    dude! I heard about you from Joe Nobody. if Joe had a build Id be fuckin with that build hands down. but it pisses me off to hear you, Kraz, Touchtone & Soloman & all yalk is beefin. its not helping you or kodi. evdn if its about money yall can get money together & make more. like TVAddons & they bullshit. when they shut yall down I wasnt gone fuck with kodi nomore. so basically they was loosing ppl. not gaining. yall lose when yall beef. I mean you gone get yours but you how much you losin when you diss someone who got so many followers? you aint gone kill they following off bug you aint gone gain them either.

  7. its actually sad how all this shits gone.. some of them early live shows with u husham and dicko were quality :(

  8. Faggot ass wetback Touchtone, trying to clean up his bullshit. I wish I could see your pussy ass. I would punch you and your gay buddy that you are in business with

  9. Wells show is the fucking text bitch ass mexican

  10. You ain't put no one on. You only have 8,000 followers. My dick has more bitches following it than that

  11. admiral2145 says:

    Omar… If you want 5.1 or 7.1 x265 hevc…. You need real debrid… You want strange thinks 4k 5.1 real debrid

  12. Brad C says:

    I try not to follow all this bickering. I tune in fir a bit.
    that Canadian dude, Smash, is a whiney baby.
    And this guy, touchtone sounds like a bull-shitter.

  13. 100johnnyG says:

    How can you defend touchtone now.calling people handicap.he meant every word he meant now he is trying weasel out and backtrack what he said.thats the fucking low of the low.its fucking kodi get a grip bringing personal things into it.why can't you guys just ignore each other if you don't get along.iv got to say target you're after chilling.

  14. Thanks Target for being on a higher level and try to bring peace to this war !

  15. Carl Molina says:

    ho can you donate to mr know???? for keeping hd links giving good links

  16. cperez571 says:

    Reboot is a bad ass add-on !

  17. Raul Luciano says:

    Beloved you doing your eyebrows?

  18. Andy King says:

    you guys all need a summit like G8 or something bring you all to a table where you can thrash it out once and for all

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