Kubrick Remembered – New Stanley Kubrick Documentary


Kubrick Remembered is one of the supplementary bonus documentaries included in Stanley Kubrick: The Masterpiece Collection. A new look into the Kubrick archives, with special appearances by Christiane Kubrick. Featuring never-seen footage of Stanley’s works, his house and his film production facilities.

Christiane Kubrick
Leon Vitali
Keir Dullea
Vincent D’Onofrio
Steven Spielberg
James B. Harris
Katharina Kubrick
Jan Harlan
Matthew Modine
Gay Hamilton
Todd Field


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  1. Today is the 18th anniversary of this genius's death…RIP

  2. Vincent D'Onofrio would make a great Judge Holden.

  3. All I can do is sit here in awe, enjoying his afterglow. What a phenomenal human being he must have been. My greatest inspiration, no doubt. He transferred a bit of that passion over to me, through his movies. Possibly one of the most brilliant artists this world has ever seen.

  4. sim rai says:

    Its a shame stanley didnt really do any interviews like other directors/film makers.

  5. villaparis2 says:

    I wouldn't have liked to work with Stanley Kubrick on one of his films seems like a bit of a axxxxxx to me and anyone who worked with him would probably give you that impression aswell

  6. Best documentary on one of the best director ever ! Thanks for sharing this !

  7. The Calm Man says:

    Kubrick is the utmost, I can only aspire to be at his level of greatness, yet no one shall ever be as great as Kubrick.

  8. This is Stanley Kubrik's worst movie

  9. SteveProbs says:

    Forget the academy. Low ratings & youtube netflix & all streaming is the future now. We don't care about some old award show. Most don't care about that anymore that's why all the celebs are panicking and running to youtube and everywhere else.

  10. Dingle Barry says:

    It was no coincidence that Hollywood/Steven Spielberg scooped him on the Aryan papers. Ironically with a very similar name nonetheless. His wife said it best. It's a story that he would have never been able to tell anyways, because somehow (and this is my words) doing deep research on the matter and finding out the truth somehow makes someone antisemitic. For Kubricks sake I'm glad he didn't do that movie, they wouldn't have allowed its release anyways. Spielberg's such a propagandist and arron boy for the studios. Luckily all of his movies in the last 20+ years have been complete shit because on principle I would have possibly avoided them, but since they suck it makes it effortless to avoid them. A once great director has turned completely into a schlock artist. He's essentially the McDonalds of Directors.
    I would have loved to see Kubrick do Napoleon, however I doubt that they would allow that because that's another one lied about astronomically in the history books.

  11. Sammy J. says:

    Thank you.
    Here was a unique and singular vision that is among the greatest artists of our time. Not forgetting to mention: "10% talent. 90% hard work."

  12. Jim Pickard says:

    What a fascinating and beautiful tribute to a true genius .. thank you so much for this  . I love Stanley Kubrick !

  13. Xiaodong Lu says:

    Thanks a lot for uploading it. It was spectacular!!!

  14. The greatest audiovisual artist. I can't conceive the world without his artistic contribution. ( Please excuse my English. )

  15. Emma Jones says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing guy.

  16. I visited the Kubrick Exhibition in Amsterdam back in 2012 …It was a Dream becoming real …

  17. Ed F booboo says:

    Barry Lyndon was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director so it was certainly well received

  18. Nate Karle says:

    Fantastic and thoughtfully made….a treat for any fan of film.

  19. What's the name of the music from the beginning of the documentary ?

  20. Nice butterfly necklace.

  21. RideMyTruck says:

    min 28:57 one of the GREATEST missed opportunities in Hollywood history.

  22. Thank You for uploading…..,

  23. My brother sent me this link for my BD. Made my day big time. Thank for uploading!

  24. Anyone know the name of the score/song used in the final seconds?

  25. Zosar Zosar says:

    Warm insight into the life of a genius.

  26. I appreciate Bango posting this. I love this sort of thing, and this man in particular fascinates me. I have five of his films on Blu-ray, including Barry Lyndon. This was a truly educational documentary. I'm glad I found it and I'm happy that there are people out there making this sort of stuff, so that people like me can feel that enormous sense of satisfaction of watching it, and feeling it was time well spent.

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