Kung Fu Panda 3 (Soundtrack Samples) – The Arrival of Kai / Jaded / The Battle of Legends


Original soundtrack samples from the upcoming film, “Kung Fu Panda 3”, composed by Hans Zimmer with the help of Lorne Balfe and Paul Mounsey!


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  1. Alguien me dice como se llama el segundo? :)

  2. DarkestPanik says:

    I really wish the music in the beginning when Kai fist appears and fights Oogway was in the soundtrack… Its my favorite. :/

  3. kai's theam is the best,

  4. The Toxic says:

    ∞energy = ∞ energy while in movie 1000000000 energy = no energy

  5. The Letter B says:

    Should of thrown "Dragon Warrior" in here too! Then this would be all I would listen to haha.

  6. Hugo Limas says:

    como se llama en español

  7. Arif Faisal says:

    i love this song i also seed the movie

  8. 1 song- Infinite dragons I'm so sorry

  9. Isaac PEF says:

    I love this song from Imagine Drago-… Errrr… Kung-fu panda

  10. Best part is 4.44 I need to 1 hour version

  11. Marcus Lim says:

    Hope to have no 4

  12. Deathly bobs says:

    im so sorry by imagin drogons

  13. …Who's theme was this one again?

  14. Is it just me or does this song sound exactly like I'm so sorry by imagine dragons in some parts

  15. esta super guapa la canción buen trabajo

  16. What do you think? Who's gonna win between Kai and Tai Long?

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