Lanzarote Airport Spotting ✈ Afternoon of Arrivals & Departures


This video features a number of arrivals and departures at Arrecife Airport (ACE/GCRR) in Lanzarote. There are a number of Spanish, British and German …


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  1. Mark Jones says:

    Very cool Dan, will have to go there one day.

  2. I remember a lot of Binter Atr's there :)

  3. AveXx says:

    I remember. 11 Times i was on Lanzarote, everytime with Air Berlin and everytime a very windy landing. But love to be there =D

  4. Seanie737 says:

    Great video ! 🙂 does Orbest have a base in Lanzarote ?

  5. euanj321 says:

    Im absolutely in love with arrecife airport went in april this year and ive just uploaded a video of an atr landing. The viewing point is amazing isnt it.

  6. Karen Greene says:

    Heading to Lanzarote in a few weeks and to be honest i am more excited about the plane watching than the holiday itself haha

  7. just got back from arrecife, i spent alot of time on the beach watching and filming the planes its a great spotting airport, thanks for the vid, ive liked and subscribed

  8. diecast jam says:

    was there in the late 90's, not a plane spotter but I did enjoy plotting off at the end of the runway on the beach watching the aircraft come and go.

  9. You're welcome, and thanks for the sub which I have (finally!) returned. We went to Arrecife again in September but this time I didn't film unfortunately!

  10. The Binter aircraft also go to Gran Canaria, and I think Tenerife.

  11. Great Video! 😉 Love the Spanair and Orbest 320's

  12. I saw a VC10 landing there

  13. Yes, we heard about it arriving before we arrived. Shame we weren't there.

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