Larger Than Ever, Big Banks Poised to Fail Again: “The Damage Will Not Be Contained”

truther May 13, 2015 3
Mac Slavo

The banksters, who almost tanked the worldwide market in their aggregate push to plunder the people groups of the world, are working out of “bigger than any time in recent memory” huge banks.


They are “too enormous to fizzle,” as well as too huge to contain. The subordinates have not been halted or controlled; utilizing proportions are still wild; and bank runs could happen at whatever time, subjecting enormous banks to urgent approaches money they would be not able to satisfy; obviously all that they have is credited out and now and again requested back “every last day.”

The whole thing is a hazardous high wire act that weaving machines our generally conventional lives with incredible hazard.

The Corporate Reform Coalition (CRC) did a study titled Still Too Big to Fail (PDF) that underscores the risks of the present amusing cash plans and the way that even the feeble kneed necessities of the Dodd-Frank “Divider Street Reform Act” have not been satisfied.

Enormous amazement:

“The main six bank holding organizations are impressively bigger than anytime recently, are still allowed to obtain too much in respect to the advantages they hold,” the report states. “They are perilously interconnected and stay powerless against sudden runs, on the grounds that they obtain billions of dollars from wholesale banks who can regularly request their money back every single day.”

It goes on: “Banks can even now utilize citizen upheld protected stores to participate in high-chance subordinate exchanges here and abroad. Pay motivators neglect to dishearten bungle and wrongness, given that when lawful charges, settlements, and fines mount, it is typically the shareholders, not the corporate officials who pay.”

Furthermore, the report cautions, “[s]hould one of these titan managing an account firms fall flat once more, it gives the idea that the harm won’t be contained.”

“Staying away from another emergency relies on upon the will of government controllers to utilize the new powers they were allowed in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act,” said Jennifer Taub, creator of the report and teacher of law at Vermont Law School. “In the event that they carry on as though they are obligated to the banks, we will probably confront a more serious emergency later on.”

Along these lines, we are truly totally helpless against another destroying monetary emergency…  and practically nothing can stop the disease totally pandemic and worldwide in extents. Prop yourself and relax.

Among the numerous different subtle elements setting the stage for another business sector conniption fit and another round of banksters carrying on severely is the Federal Reserve, which is not just situated to drop a bomb in the event that it reports a rate increment, however why should scrambling keep their energy unchecked and unwatched by general society part.

Washington attorneys are presenting enactment endeavoring point of confinement the Fed’s capacity to unleash the conduits and utilization “crisis credits” as a method for pipeline-conveyed liquidity for the ‘Too Big to Fail Banks’ – rightly censured as an “indirect access bailout.”

This pain free income proceeds with today under QE3 and has driven speculator interest rates to beneath 0%, shafting savers, retired people, protection property and working class America when all is said in done.

This on-going “crisis” to control the cash supply is coming to disastrous extents. While no single demonstration of Congress is going to switch the extent of these financial occasions, the exceptional force of the Federal Reserve without a doubt merits examination:

The Federal Reserve’s capacity to give crisis credits to upset organizations in an emergency would be confined under enactment being arranged by administrators who need to stop “indirect access bailouts”.

The Fed contained frenzy amid the emergency by offering crisis credits to organizations confronting liquidity crunches. At the same time, after the emergency, Congress acquainted confinements with keep the bailout of single battling substances, while safeguarding Fed forces to give liquidity to gatherings of firms.

Furthermore, voices from the Federal Reserve are prepared to shout about the sky falling if their energy is undermined:

Jerome Powell, a Fed representative, said in February that “it would be an error to go further [than the Dodd-Frank amendments] and force extra limitations.”

He included: “On the grounds that we can’t envision what may be required later on, the Congress ought to save the capacity of the Fed to react adaptably and deftly to future crises.”

Thus, everything is at danger. Nothing has changed. Our lives are at danger. What’s more, later they will say nobody saw it impending, despite the fact that everybody is calling attention to how inauspicious and premonition things as of now look.

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  1. James M Nunes May 22, 2015 at 11:40 pm - Reply

    The Globalist CABAL of the NWO of Elite Lawyer Politicians, Bankers and Industirialist do hold alegence to any country. They are not concerned with Nationalism, Business Ethics or morals, they are concerned with profit or loss.

    Excess Parasitic Profitts and Usury Interest Rates must be eradicated from the earth. Profits earned without work or effort. We the 99% of the comon people are the host and the Finance Hyenas in the World of High Finance and the Inside Traders and speculators on Wall Street are sucking the life blood of the nation.

    The Political Hacks in Washington are co-conspirators. They are aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise which is the Federal Reserve.

    The 2/3rds majority of the 535 members of congress voted for the trade agreement to out-source the manufacturing off-shore. To add insult to injury these products are reintroduced back into the U.S. All that is left of the economy in the U.S is an empty shell. The jobs that are being created are in the service and information economy and the bloted bureucracy with a bunch of bureucrated adminatrators running around scratching their rear end.

    Now with the jobs that pay minimum wage, there is less tax revenues being collected to keep the government solvent. The national debt is over 18 trillion dollars and growing exponentially due to compound interest. The only thing keeping the government afloat is deficit financing. Nothing is being payed on the principle. Not even all the interest on the debt is being payed.

    The only solution is to abolish the Federal Reserve and Nationalize the Centall Bank and repeal all Free Trade Agreements and bring the Manufacturing back into the U.S. to put people to work instead of the well-fare, warfare state.

    In the meantime the infrastructure is decaying.

    Washington is a mental institution run by the mental patients.

  2. James M Nunes May 22, 2015 at 12:51 am - Reply

    The government and the banks do not like people who transact business in cash. They are slowly introducing to a cashless system with credit cards and debit cards. By that method they can run the inflation or currency devaluation to infinity. The method by which they control the 99% of the sheep is by keeping them in debt, and keeping them in ignorance. The IRS is a collection agency of International Finance. If you wan’t to get rid of parasites, you take away the host by which the parasite feeds off of which is the money that people have deposited in the banks. Everyone should with-draw their money from the banks and put it in precious metals. The banking and Fiat money system is a gigantic Ponzi Pyramid Scam. Any system that is based on fraud eventually collapses.

  3. James M Nunes May 22, 2015 at 12:23 am - Reply

    The big banks are giving the depositor the shaft. They are paying almost zero interest on saving, and loan out the depositors money on mortgages at 4% per annum compounded monthly. To add insult to injury, during the sub-prime mortgage collapse they got huge bail-outs from the government at taxpayers expense. The bankers are creating another realestate bubble. 1- With quantitative easing. 2-Loaning money out to people who should not be eligible or quality for a loan. 3-Sub-prime mortgage loans. The next financial crises will be in-house bailouts with the depositors money.

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