Larry Sinclair Press Conference about Gay Love Affair with Barack Obama FULL MOVIE


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  1. Ha this cocksucker is lying he coughs to much a red flag.Publicity seeker,liar,,bad actor fagot.

  2. Danny Kirton says:

    how did he get murdered ? can anyone give me some details please ? thank you

  3. Danny Kirton says:

    i'm stunned that this is the first time i've ever heard about this, was this given any proper coverage at all ? i find him very convincing i must say, this has blown my mind.

  4. Obama is a total fraud. He is gay, a communist, muslim, plant fraud.

  5. dannlynch says:

    Everyone's bi. Deal with it. We were all brainwashed. Who gives a shit how someone gets off? Sexuality is not black and white. But of course guys will have to say how straight they are. Yeah, we know. Yawn.

  6. joseph smith says:

    At Least we wont find cum stains on his secretary's dress.

  7. He didn't hide nothing to be discovered later, hello,who wants hello and puddin pops when u can get five star treats! Wwwwwaaaiiiiii!

  8. Jess Muniz says:


  9. Jess Muniz says:


  10. Sun Of God says:

    OMG! This is hilarious! You ask a limo driver to "hook you up" and he instantly hooks you up with a STATE SENATOR??? ROTFL!!! Then this state senator shows up instantly on one call and proceeds to smoke "crack", frequent bars, and receive fellatio from some unattractive white guy he just met??? Does anybody watching this really believe anybody would be that dumb and reckless, especially an intellectual giant like Obama who has always been a target of Republicans? Wow, are Repugnants, I mean Republicans truly this STUPID and DESPERATE? The telling part is, the white guy does lines of coke, but, of course, the black guy smokes crack, again, typical Repug racist assumptions (whites do powder, blacks smoke crack…) This is how you catch racists in a lie: when they tell lies, they always default to some racist black stereotypes (they just can't help themselves, ie: Susan Smith saying blacks kidnapped her kids whom she drowned.) If Obama frequents gay bars, or "is gay" and "smokes crack" as this pathetic stooge claims, or is on a speed dial to limo drivers looking for gay tricks for johns who just arrived in town (that image is truly funny, LOL!), don't you think a FLOOD of people and videos would have come out by now? After all, he is ONLY the president of the United States, and a target for every frustrated, retarded racist Republican (3 oxymoronic words that mean same thing, LOL!). It is truly pathetic how below the sewer, dumb Republicans would stoop to try to destroy Obama's perfect legacy for leadership and saving America from their own path of stupidity and destruction…This was a truly entertaining piece of goofy Republican comedy

  11. Larry Dallas says:

    Seriously ! Dont fart on another guy's balls! All Heil Eric Cartman.

  12. Larry Dallas says:

    No one reads this shit right?

  13. pearls says:

    what is the point of this? drugs enter the U.S. by way of the government. homosexuality is being programmed into everybody everyday so why would anyone care or be surprised that yet another leader of this gay country is gay???

  14. John Andert says:

    So a random gay guy asks his limosine driver to hook him up and the limo driver calls Barack Obama State Senator of Illinois who immediately drops everything and comes over to meet with said random gay guy. This sounds remotely plausible to anyone? Then, State Senator Obama goes off and purchases cocaine for said random gay guy. Yeah, that makes total sense…

    Lastly, if Barack Obama was gay he could do a WAY better than Larry Sinclair.

  15. I do not believe Mr. Sinclair. How many times have people told lies on people or said things that weren't true. I know all too well about this. I definitely think that people are trying to do whatever they can to make President Obama look bad. This man is the President of our country and so what, what if he is gay? It is his business.

  16. mr1uponu says:

    Absolute nightmare! why didn't the media cover this? what a fk up country!we have and the people that get elected into public office nothing but criminals , every last one ! did this guy end up getting killed too ?

  17. Joe Blonde says:

    Leave the chief alone! He's happy with Michael now. Err, sorry. I mean, Michelle!…

  18. This man is telling he truth 100%….I saw through Obama back n 2007 when he was running…..As one person sad here, isn't it amazing how not one press member questioned him on the sexual activity of Obama and the drugs…They just wanted to know about his mental state etc….

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