Last Days on Earth – Full Documentary


Last Days on Earth – Full Documentary
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  1. Valthepixie says:

    One could mistake this for a documentary from the previous century, the science used is so out of date.

  2. Elegant ET says:

    Haha global warming my ass I thought these guys were smart

  3. horse crap! global warming is for idiots.

  4. Dallas Root says:

    here's a thought for everyone anyone ever thought or think that just maybe the world and living things on it would not go extinct until all living things stop populating and creating then maybe perhaps a terrible weather rolling in among us all ?? I'm sorry I just have hard time believing in aliens or anything like that I like to think that whatever happends comes from people destroying or perhaps natural causes it just makes more logical sense and if ur wanting to discuss about astro stuff then I would consider it being a natural cause but nothing about aliens to me they do not exist.

  5. let's blame oil and gas… and avoid the real problem… our livestock and deforestation. #cowspiracy

  6. Gil Rybak says:

    people only listen to hawkings because they feel bad

  7. Ray Langella says:

    Amazing! All these disasters then of course the last one one the list was about the scam call Global Warming, Climate Change etc. How sickening! Cannot anyone see what the Climate Scam is really about?

  8. Zero Point says:

    Another reload from 5,4,3,2,1 years ago?

  9. gee, if CO2 was as bad of a greenhouse gas as they claim, then why isnt mars a ball of molten rock now? venus is hot not because of the CO2, but because of the sulfuric acid clouds and its very very heavy, thick atmosphere and the fact that its millions of miles closer to the sun than earth!! thumbs down for this video just because of the line of bullshit at the end about global warming, its a natural process and mankind has had no measurable impact on it.

  10. creedstat says:

    if the go<ernent would stop killing in<entors we would all ha<e free energy and cars that run on water….big oil doesn't want change…we must fight for change

  11. oh no robots it has begun we have siri

  12. black hole death = not FUN

  13. Gordon Fiala says:

    homosexuality is advocating anal, oral and masturbation to children, sex victims, elderly, womanizers, bigots, depressed people, perverts etc and all other impressionable members of society in schools, media, public and the work place subliminally, passively and actively.They are advocating 3 sums for corrupt politicians, womanizers and perverts through it. They legalized prostitution across the board.
    Atheism is subliminally, passively and actively advocating corrupt political views, selfishness, laziness, negligence, womanizing and indulgence to all members of society.
    "Singularity" being self-importance, self-serving, self-righteousness IS the worst imaginable thing. And they are advocating IT for the sake of perversion and self-serving purposes.
    The corrupt invest heavily in this because IT controls the population more than any religion could. All religions preach prompt, and enduring if not radical retaliation against corrupt governments, social injustice. That is why the cartels invest heavily in whoredom. And they are taking the schools and have the media.
    This is singularity. A secular apocalypse. We cut the grass with non renewable resources.We are converting water into hydrogen and oxygen fuel – which requires bonding the water molecules with contaminants making pollutants in order to release the atoms to make the pure fuel. Then in combustion further pollutants are made from the burning of the fuel, because present helium, carbon, chlorine and other elements ARE present in the reaction chambers, and the unstable exhaust merges with the gases of the atmosphere afterwards.

  14. SRV. 123 says:

    NDT is a self grandiose lout. And there are many people smarter than Hawking. Like Richard Feynman for example.

  15. Humans live for the blink of an eye and can live in one place in the universe. Machines can live forever, anywhere so where's the conflict?

  16. o my god i kill killable threats

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