latest news Usa vs Russia vs china vs israel best army in world war 3 preparation




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  1. Bruce Howe says:

    America will start WW111 because they are the biggest ARSEHOLES in the world and don't give a shit about human life not even their own people if civilization comes to an end it will be AMERICA'S doing not RUSSIA OR CHINA , America will be the first country to push the button then Russia will do the same and the human race can bend over backwards and kiss their arse goodbye and neither super power wins so what's the point that's the problem with the human race they don't give a shit about life.

  2. your fucking stupid ,USA is not first you dumb Fuck do Ur math again…united state is a frailer and corrupted.pretty soon united state will fAIL for corruption.I support putin all the way and half of Americans are against united states no matter what.

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