Lauryn HIll’s Career was Killed by The Illuminati Because She Took a Stand for The Truth!


Lauryn Hill was a popular artist in the music industry who’s career was destroyed because she did not compromise and took a stand for truth! In this video we …


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  1. I love that song….been in love with it for years….I get out

  2. They blocked the Lauryn Hill video. At least the link you provided has been blocked ; something about containing content from sme.

  3. Mat Moo says:

    Too much lead in the water.

  4. She wasn't giving up god for $$$good girl

  5. Your voice makes me wanna kill myself

  6. deborah wood says:

    Thanks so much for what u do…..peace and love to you

  7. I say fuck it all.. get on with your own lives, that's the most important thing.

  8. Thanks for the upload. You hit the nail on the head. The same reason Mos Def left the US.

  9. nice video. so sad what's happening to those people. years of enslavement and satanic ritualistic abuse. The cycle must be broken

  10. Leroy Isom says:

    I get out heard it for the first time last night cus of this video thank you #powerful

  11. DOCSAFETUBE says:

    i fucking hate christans like this channel he exposes himself very good
    in a lot of his videos , if he was telling you the truth he wouldnt have

    the following….

    377,000 subs
    videos that gets almost a million views
    no videos taken down
    his info being spread crossed the net

    people , the ones you listen too are the ones that are dead

  12. G BELLA says:

    they may be true..but i think its her karma..she is a real bitch in real life
    Also i belive she had some obiah put on her from one of those Marley's…i met her a few times and thinkin she was a real sistah but after wards we found that she was very rude and evil…i am also a black woman that happens to be very light skinned , i was writting and performing back in the early 90's when we were at the Gavin convention in San francisco.This is when she had just started performing with it was like 93 or 94 .we were in the lady's room to gether me..her and a few lasies from the Concious daughters. After wards she got up on stage with the fugees and did a free style talking shit about all of us..which was funny because she was so nice in the bath room then got on stage and was so wickedly rude…i gave her a pass the next 2 times i ran into her it was the same wicked nasty attitude..i dont know if its my color she didnt like or if she was hating on The CALI Bay area…i was performing my dance hall reggae hip hop style because Thats the way I was raised by true Rastafari ..and i guess that made her mad..she had just did sister act so me n my crew were very proud of her and gave her nothing but love..instead she gave us flames…I never forgot that..evan though she did all that I still loved some of her music because of the message..I really hate to see her go out like this..Much blessings to her..

  13. my grand pa was white he was taught to not like black people so I know racism was created it does not make sense if you stand back and look outside of what is has created out of us !!!

  14. That whole album is absolutely amazing, I love "peace of mind" I have SOOO much respect for her.

  15. AgentBO says:

    Haha interesting video, it's funny though that you can just replace the entertainment industry with religion(Christianity) and it makes a pretty good video for atheists 🙂 especially the part from 8:12

    You're talking about how it's there to serve the elite(Kings and nobility vs. Illuminati and fat cats), to keep the masses in control through fake redemption(ascension vs. expensive goods) to get closer to the saints; speaking the truth and the system will destroy you or kill you(scientists and early atheists vs. truth speaking artists).

    You've shown us that Christianity(old) as tool for the rich and powerful has been replaced by the entertainment industry(new), thank you for this refreshing insight of exposing these flawed control mechanisms * Thumbs up!

  16. marcus mares says:

    she didn't pay taxes

  17. Fadesello says:

    How the system works

    The illuminati agents asked others to hail them for money and the people accepted

    Money whores….

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