Leah Remini EXPOSES Scientology


Leah Remini stated that at Tom Cruise’s wedding he sang “You lost that loving feeling” to Katie Holmes and how odd that was. Indeed, at the actual wedding he …


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  1. 12T90 LSD25 says:

    man she is so fucking beautiful and she's older than me only by a year but still I've always had a crush on her that's what it classy older woman looks like I would have loved to known her when she was young I'd love to grown up with her if that was to happen we would be married LOL I'm just always enjoyed her on whatever she's played in she is very easy on the eyes and she got a good sense of humor and she's intelligent the perfect woman for me anyway she got wise to this bullshit good girl

  2. lexip396able says:

    all the demonic new age cults are so deceptive and evil

  3. m.0 1.d says:

    Your an idiot

  4. She says Scientology taught her "a lot" and it has a lot of "good people" – ?

  5. That Cuban is a gold digger

  6. hay Christy A. i do not respect you, Tom , or any Scientology bully. Guess what you are evil and i am your enemy. Scientology is a cult. and i know you will hide behind whatever you can to not see the truth, but keep in mind the people you call enemy are the ones watching you and paying to watch you. We could just stop watching all the actors bullshit and movies and back Trouble Maker insted. Whatever will you do then. You are not saving the world you are in fact hurting it and the people in it. Good job there you close minded child.

  7. Annie Marie says:

    This scam of a church is abusive and money hungry. They use mind control and harass people who leave. It is a disgrace and does not deserve the tax exemption. The leader is allegedly physically abusive to some people. It is a cult and nothing but a cult.

  8. sku36 says:

    can believe ppl actually call this a religion…gotta rewatch tom [email protected] again asap…

  9. SoJustCool says:

    the church in hollywood is located in a shitty neighborhood…i was pissed i booked a hotel near there

  10. Good for you Leah, you are brave, for freeing from the Satanic religious cult.

  11. Laura Bourne says:

    Video keeps crashing, Scientology is trying to silence her.

  12. tsk weml says:

    Scientology is a cult a religion that is so new is fake. please stay away from this religion they will rob you blind and destroy you.

  13. Mine Haus says:

    The Islam is not a bad religion but they talk about it as it is the worst. Sorry but what Leah is talking it sounds like she was in prision

  14. Tax them, in fact Tax all religious organizations. tax the living fuck out of them

  15. Tax them, in fact Tax all religious organizations. tax the living fuck out of them

  16. the only thing that keeps scientologies power alive is people stipid enough to fall for it Uhh Yeese

  17. Scientology is antichrist cult sowing doctrines of demons by deceiving
    spirits! Beware saints, the brainwashing by this cult is after the souls
    of its members. Lets pray for Leah to become born again by the Spirit
    of God.

  18. Mrs. M says:

    Nicholas Krancher , Beneath Beauty , OK I correct it , Thank u guys . MRS. Remini I know you from the time you Became famouse I believe one of the resoan you became famouse was Scientology Which has influenced in Hollywood . You were advertizing Scientology in Media . Now after all of these years DONT put your dirty lundry For sale in public eyes . You should write this book many years ago .

  19. Eddy Munster says:

    so before she could tell the horrible news..she had to get her book out?
    dont get me wrong i know the sciencetology deal is a weird ass cult.
    just find it odd.
    well all this shit is odd!
    glad she's out of there!!

  20. Good girl! Stand up to those assholes. Tom cruise is a wack job.

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