Leaks on “Drone Wars” Expose Obama’s Reign of Terror!


Almost 90 percent of those executed during a five-month period in the Obama administration’s mass-murder-via-drone machinations were not even specific targets selected by the White House for extrajudicial assassination, according to reports surrounding a massive leak of classified official U.S. documents unveiled this week by The Intercept.

Leaks on “Drone Wars” Expose Obama’s Reign of Terror

In fact, it appears that despite his purported concerns over the death of innocents, Obama has killed far more innocent civilians, some of them U.S. citizens, than all of the mass-shooters in the United States throughout his term in office — combined.

To add insult to injury, the administration’s assassination squads — essentially operating under the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) — routinely label the unintended and unidentified victims of its deadly schemes as “enemy killed in action,” even when there is little or no evidence of that being the case. “Anyone caught in the vicinity is guilty by association,” the whistle blower was quoted as saying. But as more information emerges, the outcry is growing louder.

The leaked materials, which cover 2011 to 2013, offer unprecedented insight into what is, at its core, an unconstitutional and murderous crime spree of epic proportions led by the Obama administration. The documents also shed new light into how a person ends up on Obama’s secret “kill list” — no charges, no trial, no jury, no due process of law, no innocent until proven guilty, no nothing — and what happens after that. All it takes is Obama’s word, and it’s off with your head — powers that even the world’s most murderous dictators have not been so open and nonchalant about usurping.

Making matters worse, the official documents leaked by the whistle blower show that raining death down from the sky is becoming institutionalized and normalized within the administration. They also suggest that instead of making Americans safer, the killing spree is creating a future tsunami of terrorism. And rather than the mass-murder programs slowing down, all indications point to their dramatic expansion, with no end in sight.

The implications should terrify every American — including Obama supporters who trust the current White House occupant but may not be as pleased with future U.S. presidents, or perhaps with foreign regimes, doing the same thing. In a series of eight investigative articles based on the revelations and six months of reviewing the materials, The Intercept documented some of the concerns — the loss of valuable intelligence from assassinating targets with information, the massive civilian death toll, the threat to traditional American ideals of justice, and much more.

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