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  1. Max Watson says:

    first 3 words of the title…

  2. 20:50 Must mastrubate in front of everyone.
    21:13 Shake hand with everyone right after completion.

  3. Tia Whyman says:

    Australians r not allowed an American credit card. but the yanks r allowed an Australian one….so it is true Australia is owned by the illuminati -we just a registerd business by the yanks yea??we must pay oz tax!! etc…That's y our pollies r so fucken usless…..fkn scabott cunt…OBEY bitch…

  4. damirzanne says:

    talking about UN being something like Hitler, while you have a president (G Bush) who's grandfather (Prescott Bush) was Hitlers personal banker…. check your facts before you start making movies…

  5. Mike Mills says:

    22:00 and on –HOW come all supposed genius guys and rich people can't pronounce their "R's' at all! It makes them sound a really RETARDED! Now i in no way am launching a SHOT to the Mentally challenged, as they are the MEEK and according to Gods word, SHALL inherit the Earth! I have never been SURE what that means, MAY BE that all of us SMART, worldly people will pass away from this earth, and leaving those with an IQ of lower than 50 points, because they cant fathom being greedy, or hurting others –so God may want those who DO NOT have the knowledge from the tree of knowledge left on planet earth??!!

  6. Mike Mills says:

    i cant believe HOW close every one gets to the HOW in the "HOW COULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ALL OF THAT NANO THERMITE, into the building, !? Well YOU just named the FACT that GW & FRIENDS OWNED THE PAINT FIREPROOFING THING..Well If they MIXED the Thermite into the paint and repainted the ENTIRE inner surfaces of the towers, there WOULD BE very much in the Towers just from that!!! they would just have had to ignite it all with lets say JET FUEL! Jet fuel WOULD NEVER bring down the towers but add the PAINT mixed up to 30%-paint–70% Thermite! Even more up to 80-20– then they just had to get the P-gon–with a 'cruise' you know what!!! I DON'T want to get killed for posting or get charged with any crimes–LET ME jsut say NOw that i am not criminal nor am i SUICIDAL at all! -P.S–to the POWERS THAT BE–PLEASE DONT PUT ME INTO the red catagory of who you all will KILL V. sending to FEMA camps! I dnot want to get killed or go to one of those!!!! I will be goo dfrom now on –I promise!

  7. Mike Mills says:

    BUSH says "NO one in OUR Administration or the previous one could ever have imagined a SCENARIO involving anyone ever using Air Planes as weapons to fly into Buildings"" BUT that VERY day were RUNNING DRILLS for that exact SAME thing! So someone MUST have ENVISIONED it for it TO HAVE BEEN A DRILL!! drills are described to being " "As close to reality is as possible when training men so that they would know how to react & WHAT to expect!! So that DRILL would have been PLANNED MONTHS in ADVANCE of the DAY that 'they' [Alphabet boys-US ARMED SERVICES] WERE able to PLAN it and create a strategy for them all to have coordinated their efforts efficiently! who does NOT get "WHO the TRAITORS are in this story?!?! They sure are not little brown dudes in a cave some where either!!!! If i come up missing REMEMBER that i have NO will to ever leave my home- I am NOT suicidal and I WOULD NEVER KILL my self or anyone else for that matter, because MY Religion/SPIRITUALITY has MANY LAW'S that if you take ANY life you many not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, ever! So for those KILLERS in jail that say "I have found God" Well after they get injected or what ever and at once cease to exist, i guess they found out that god CAN NEVER forgive KILLING! YOU are destroyed at once thats it! god is JUST so he would not burn a common criminal and Jeffery dalhmer together for ALL of eternity! So like he says in the GOOD Book, that they–the unjust-ARE LIKE CHAFF in the Millers stove! -POOF! and thats ot! no more 3rd and 35th chances to REPENT! No more saying to God " Hey God i promise if you let –this or that ] go down i will be good after-NOPE! I wish you all would WAKE UP! LIKE the SLEEPING Giants that most people are!!!! Amen!

  8. Daniel G says:

    Don't stop to use the term Illuminati. Illuminati are only an impotent tool among many others of the Rothschild family. The police state is imposed on us courtesy by the Rothschild family, the biggest criminals and thieves in this world, plotting against humanity.

  9. Jon Wilmer says:

    Another bullshit title. NOT a BBC documentary.


  11. D.J. Thorb says:

    …… NOT a BBC production…. and way too long for the amount of actual information.

    If your time is worthless then go ahead and let these guys try and implant conspiracy theories into your feeble brain.

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