Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy Interview THE REVENANT


Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy Interview THE REVENANT Leonardo DiCaprio Interview Tom Hardy Interview The Revenant Interviews Inspired by true …


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  1. draxzhy - says:

    That red bracelet on Leo's wrist means he's in illuminati. , trust me he is

  2. woovi says:

    Everything was so realistic, especially the bear attack.

  3. mars22x says:

    Doesn't tom hardy and shia lebouf resemble?

  4. Ryan Teh says:

    Congrats to Leo!!!

  5. NtS says:

    this entire thing is an evian commercial

  6. Asia Isaac says:

    Leonardo ???❤️

  7. Al Stjrnfld says:

    Guys, what is the red band on Leo's left wrist?

  8. The Dude says:

    I am positive that Leo is actually Jack Nicholson.

  9. Emili York says:

    Tom's hair looks like instead of hiring a stylist he hired a bunch of cats to lick his head

  10. Angel C says:

    He's right there, Leo!! Choke him out!!!

  11. I absolutely loved the spiritual message in the movie, it was really beautiful and I watched it twice in the movie theater to focus more on those messages :)

  12. LaBiod Sam says:

    Sorry DickAprio….Hardy is hotter than you…

  13. BrokenDread says:

    So glad I didn't see that trailer before. It would have seriously ruined the whole thing.

  14. I'll be fully honest here, don't mind if I lose my head:
    All separate aspects of the Revenant were great; the filming technique, the lighting, the effects, the details, and especially the actors. I've loved Dicaprio in every film I've seen him in, same for Tom Hardy. The thing is, though all aspects were great on their own, the movie in its whole didn't work for me. I thought it was absolutely boring and way too slow-paced. I payed my ticket to be intrigued, fascinated, shocked (I admit, which I was during the bear scene, that was really well done), but not to watch Leo DiCaprio crawl through the snow with a nosebleed and panting for three hours straight. I know many of you will disagree, but I had to say it. In my eyes Dicaprio deserved his oscar for all the brilliant roles he landed in the past, but not for this.

  15. rubes ferrer says:

    I Wrote this Movie and came up with the Title. These are all stolen ideas!

  16. jan jansen says:

    The film was so unrealistic. Dude should have died the First scene.

  17. Ctrl-Z says:

    So where is the guy who played the bear? No fame, no adulation. Just anonymity and disbelief when he tells it to people at parties: "I WAS the bear in The Revenant!"

  18. juliaxbabee says:

    My two husbands. Only missing Charlie Hunnam

  19. L says:

    tom hardy the only dude who still manages to look cool in a knitted sweater

  20. Did anyone notice Tom Hardy's hair sticking up?

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