Let’s Play – GTA V – Offense Defense with The Creatures


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  1. Ryan Tang says:

    i can ensure you that James and Aleks will be an amazing addition to the LetsPlay family.

    I used to watch them religiously but then their fans just turned into vile 10 year olds….. just make sure you wear protection RT when your working with these guys….don't wanna get creature-herpes (fans)

  3. They need to play Adder Addiction &/or Sniper vs Stunters again but with The Creatures as well.

  4. LeostarYT says:

    I'm starting to get the feeling that all these collaborations are going to dilute AH's content to an extent. The days of the original six and the small group dynamic/chemistry are becoming more and more of a distant memory.

    I get the idea behind expanding Let's Play into more than just AH's personal let's play channel. It makes sense from a business point of view. I'm just not sure if it's changing into something I like. Time will tell, I guess.

  5. Sgt. Mago117 says:

    The new Let's Play intros remind me of the old Cartoon Network commercials.

  6. JesterTBP says:

    Michael, if things don't work out with Lindsey… I'd have your babies.

    Might require experimental surgery…

  7. laxrules101x says:

    I fucking love Aleks and Gavin!!!!

  8. Michael V. says:

    <3 SO WEIRD, but i love it

  9. Trielectify says:

    One thing I have been noticing lately is how the editing styles of the various groups have mixed together and have created a symbiotic mess of awesome.

  10. BlackIron says:

    I need James and Ryan to create a cow torture emporium like in Treetopia :D

  11. Jamie Lynn says:

    Aleks reminds me a lot of Cryaotic when he talks!

  12. I always love hearing Geoff laugh in the background

  13. Master DJ says:

    I'm I the only one imagining James being apart or just playing with team nice dynamite?

  14. If only Ray was in AH and Sly in The Creatures… They would be so good together..

  15. Jake Eisler says:

    That was fucking awesome!

  16. Screw the Creatures… honestly still pissed what they did to GassyMexican back in 2012. #FuckDan #FuckJordan

  17. NaJHaikezeh says:

    Facecams would have been perfect for this video for the new people so that viewers can start getting familiarized with their faces.

  18. NaJHaikezeh says:

    I feel like Michael and James are gonna be good friends


  20. miqvPL says:

    I don't know those guys but it's way better than those Screw guys

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