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  1. it's very neat April, i love it

  2. I'm loving this. It looks so natural and so effortless. Beautiful!?

  3. Miss A says:

    Fabulous as usual.

  4. PinkLash xo says:

    Yasss hunti!!!!!!❤ super cute!!

  5. yeyy April we are almost at 100,000 can't wait girl

  6. Bella Rose says:

    Where can I get a wig like that but in blonde & highlighted colors? That one only comes in brunette shades. thx

  7. Sunny Bella says:

    Hello, April, thank you very much , Love your video. You show us details. Thanks. LOL

  8. ToriZee says:

    Im going to have to get this one that hairline is just unbelievable. If I saw you somewhere I would think that this is your real hair!

  9. Baby Drack says:

    You always look great , but this unit looks amazing. Very natural. Keep the reviews coming . 

  10. Omgherhair says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE , So natural and beautiful hair on you ! Both of our customers and us all love it so much , helpful video , thumps up for you !:)

  11. am i trippin or does their website look exactly like bestlacewigs? damn why can't they make the parting deeper. the hairline does look good tho. wish all these chinese vendors made wigs with transparent lace in stock for us bald white people lol

  12. hows the hair holding up

  13. It's a beautiful unit, and it looks great on you!

  14. I still love your theme song! love the video! God bless

  15. I love you April! I've been watching since 08

  16. Shelly Hurtt says:

    I like this one a lot.

  17. Love love love this unit

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