Lil Uzi Vert On Loving Marilyn Manson, Facetiming KimYe, Battling Wiz Khalifa


GlobalGrind’s Brittany Lewis sits down with Philly newcomer Lil Uzi Vert to discuss his arrival in the rap game, loving Marilyn Manson, FaceTiming Kimye, having …


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  1. King Samuel says:

    He kinda has the mannerism of lil wayne at different points

  2. zach k says:

    you guys are retarded, he isnt gay hes high as fuck

  3. Jordan Cole says:

    You smart dj k

  4. Tyler Lykens says:

    he's not gay at all he's just so happy and humble

  5. The thirst is so unbelievably real

  6. Young Booda says:

    If you listen to rap music like lil uzi vert, famous dex, trill sammy, etc etc etc then you will probably think my music is THE SHIT. click my channel to look at my music

  7. 2pac was feminen so why does it matter if uzi is.

  8. Mary Smith says:

    whats the name of that song at the beginning

  9. Nothing against anyone but why the fuck is everybody born after the 90'S a weirdo. Really everyone born after 96. But I'm cool wit some niggas that was born in 97 and they got level heads. But I was dating a girl that was on born 98 and she was fucking crazy as shit b like I get mad thinking about her.

    who said New York was dead?? this jus the beginning BUMP,LIKE,SHARE

  11. noezelaya7 says:

    Like like like like uhm yeah like like like LOL this generation is fucked

  12. ANBU x FLAME says:

    Why tf is everyone in the comments discussing Uzi's sexuality? What the fuck does it matter?

  13. He acting shy because he was playing with his jacket lol

  14. Moshy says:

    I'm like the biggest Manson fan and i didn't really fuck with Vert but damn when i saw he loves MM i was like hoooooold up!

  15. Tyyana Gibbs says:

    Why everybody coming at Uzi saying "y'all dumb if y'all think he straight" just because he don't act , look , or dress like the rest of y'all don't mean he gay . His preference and mindset on thing are totally different then messing around with different girls and getting money ! Y'all really gotta think about this stuff man . Do better cause this lame coming at him .

  16. gmoneymunoz says:

    Lil uzi a beast

  17. I like him as a person
    The type of person he is but I can't really fw his music. ?

  18. Nunsense3 says:

    if you good vibe and positive music, watch my music video you will not be disappointed

  19. Check out my freestyles on my page I'm 17 going harder than grown folks off the top

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