Thanks For Tuning In GODS TRUTHERS (GTS)????

— EXPOSING THE OCCULTIC SYMBOLISM IN LIL UZI’S Amusement HE Places OUT! —U Are unable to Be Successful With Out Witchcraft its the devils globe. But there is A Savior from this and he is the Heavenly Father purify your soul by next his righteous approaches and prevent sinning..WAKE UP and Consider Satan will prevent at nothing to get what is most important to you! (Your SOUL) –Remain Vigilant versus Evil and normally pray! Its only two kinds of persons in this globe
one. These that Provide God two.These that are Versus God.
Decide on THIS Day WHO U WILL Provide!

—If u would like to see another person uncovered comment below and I will expose the hell outta them Problem ME! Simply because Anyone is In It. Have a wonderful working day God bless #Love


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  1. na moral irmao para de grozelia LIL UZI E MONSTROI!!

  2. People that say this is dumb y'all are blind as hell and are being brainwashed .. and y'all don't even know it ..

  3. Wavygodfredo says:

    He saying uzzz sing it

  4. The Truth says:

    I agree with alot of things in this video except for Chris Brown using a third eye.When using the front camera you can see what is behind you.Chris looked to see where the hoop was behind him in the camera then shot.

  5. he saying say it he ain't got no $. Bruh either your crazy or you looking way into this illuminati shit. There is a such thing as the elite yes we know but people are just good artist. just saying. You shouldn't go to sleep then because sleep symbolizes

  6. M.P Savage says:

    and your lil durk video is completly retarted just stop dumbass

  7. keep telling truth… only 1/3 going to wake up… it the end of time

  8. AJ 1k says:

    Only God gave a few people the gift to see bro don't worry bout it. hopefully they'll wake up soon because the world is ending soon. Y do y'all think all this weirdness is happening? The weather is getting crazier & crazier (certain weather is happening in the months that they aren't supposed to) Donald trump is president, being gay or bi or a tranny is ok & it's being forced down the kids throats in TV,movies , kid shows etc. man it's so much more but read the Bible it tells the past present & future ?? you may not like what I said. But be honest if you really read the Bible & think about what's going on today you will believe. No book is more accurate than the Bible. Good is good & bad is bad but the people running this world wants you to think vise versa which is being bad is cool & fun while being good is lame & boring. People say their different but the majority of this world are all the same besides the chosen ones it even says it in the Bible that real christians would be the most hated people on the planet and oh look? We are!! Don't reply if u don't do your research on both good and evil & just off of what you feel cuz u don't know if what u feel is rite & u don't care u just know that it feels good to you which means you are selfish and you aren't willing to change for God. & I don't want to hear that hate crime crap cuz christians been going through it way longer than gays even existed & y'all are liked now I wonder y we (the real Christians) aren't? Oh yea I already told you! ?

  9. Micah Hagan says:

    If you do enough research on Travis Scott and look into the videos and what he does you can see that he sucks an old white mans dick to sell his soul but he's not gay. That's why he always covers his mouth and shit and can't look people in the face

  10. Drama Boii says:

    for anybody who comment under these videos and doesn't believe that this world is controlled by Satan himself , then u gots to B dead ass sleep ! wake tf up already , SERIOUSLY ..

  11. Mike Justice says:

    True everyone should know this lol

  12. Drink Bleach says:

    tbh that planet is mars ya dumb ass

  13. can't chris brown see because of the camera facing him he can see the background it was more luck than anything though

  14. I'm not ragging on you because I do believe that people are illuminati and sell out their souls but do you think everyone in the industry is Illuminati?? Just asking a real question, no hate.

  15. probly got the red moon because it's a cool cover art, it's a lil uzi and Gucci mane tape shits gonna be weired

  16. Jamell Davis says:

    he said oouu Sing it smh

  17. NycBeauty says:

    Indian is full of pagan worshippers. Look at the state of that country ! How powerful is their pagan gods if the country is in the belly of the beast ! Not so powerful!!!!

  18. NycBeauty says:

    Hip Hop is DEAD. It's a cesspool of faggots, satanist, whoremongers , hoes, pedos, mk ultra , demons. I thank for my church!

  19. Care Post says:

    thanks brother keep exposing these archons

  20. You can pull up any lyrics to the song and it will say that. You heard it the first time and thought it was iffy so you just took it and ran with it

  21. M.P Savage says:

    yall are stupid two cause ya belive him dont belive everything on the internet

  22. M.P Savage says:

    kill yourself dude

  23. M.P Savage says:

    nigha your retarted he said oohh sang yah he aint got no money like your just a fucking sped u really need help dude

  24. Chad Bryant says:

    all u gotta say is…….liiiiiiiilluZzzzzzveeRrrt. real slow three times fast. simple as that. Rialto this dude is on the something I popped up here as a suggested video but real good put together video man but you know. This muhfucka is stunt sold his soul f**** was wearing some gay ass Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time outfit

  25. And do one for jcole they think he cool to but he with the shits to he under jay z the do what thou wilt mother fucker he satanist ass

  26. They even say it in Hollywood that when a artist album comes out the take underground and have them juju priest pray demons on it to follow every album so it can put them spells on people

  27. That's bro for exposing his ass cause people though he was a good boy but his ass is satanic

  28. He's saying ooooh sang it

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