Lil Uzi Vert Talks Hating Interviews, Starting To Rap For Attention + Drops Bars!




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  1. you know its bad when you low-key start to like Rosenberg better than Ebro

  2. He has a very strong personality thats the 1st person I have seen in history not afraid nor intimidated by ebro

  3. Fuck what y'all say Lil Uzi is my favorite

  4. Jae KiDd says:

    him an dex r mad simliar with how they close there eyes an start like movin an vibin side to side lol i like that energy

  5. lol uzi's face at 9:23 XD

  6. 9:27 Uzi wanted to deck ebro

  7. VenVortex says:

    i walk on people, #Killed lol hahahaha

  8. who died cause of lean ?

  9. KingKidFetti says:

    he nice bro even when ebro tried to catch him haha

  10. venom skuxx says:


  11. This nigga weird

  12. Ik freestyles ain't gotta be all that but this shit was weak as fuck

  13. That shit was dope lol.

  14. how the fuck did lean kill asap yams he didnt have enough lean or xanax to call it an overdose.

  15. lemon lizard says:

    did he just bring up gg Allen? nahhhhhh lol cmon

  16. jimmy d says:

    I tell you we are doomed
    wtf happened to hip hop

  17. Yo every interview these people do is the same shit they always talk about the old and young division and always judge and hate… The artists always seems pissed off after lol

  18. lil Uzis told Ebro about himself ?

  19. Blakkset says:

    The DJ raised a very good point: young cats talk real cocky and say f@#k all the old shit while they 19-21. Soon as they hit 27, they singing a different tune. And truthfully, that isn't even an old age.

  20. danny lopez says:

    Like yeah bababawa bawawaa like yeah naw naw naw we like yeah

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