Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth – Nothing But Trouble [Official Video]


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  1. My all time favorite ???????????

  2. I am not A problem.
    I'm not A Terrorist

  3. Julia Bisse says:

    One of the models look like Bethany Mota

  4. John Allee says:

    those girls about turned me straight…. then they went all fat and all!! ?

  5. most of those girl ugly

  6. Emotions Emotions Emotions

  7. CAMERON NASH says:

    He caught me on instagram model

  8. Wetyighvhhgjfg hew,khareghsrgghrstg.hfrsuhu.srlhiraegjaggr

  9. charlie puth killed it but lil wayne ruined it

  10. Ashley Scott says:

    Like your song babe

  11. Charlie puth, enimen, Lil Wayne , Bruno Mars, tops..

  12. is Charlie Puth taller than Lil Wayne

  13. Is that Jennifer Carpenter("Dexter" actress) on the boat?

  14. this song the beast?????

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