Lion pride while hunting – Predator – Nat Geo Wild Documentary (HD 720p)


Lion pride while hunting – I’Predator – Nat Geo Wild Documentary (HD 720p) ================================================ Snakes, Snaks, …


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  1. johnny987651 says:

    Bullshit..taken clips from David Attenborough's and other wildlife film makers..!

  2. lol when the lions mouth dropped when he was killing the cubs XD

  3. Oh God…this is so 'Americanized'!! The narrator sounds like advertising the savanna!

  4. I despise male lions. they're perfect animal imitations of some human men. They fuck everything then impregnate them &'d stick around to take everything the female's worked their asses off for. lazy

  5. TeckNick83 says:

    The 3D lion is lame a heck!

  6. Rachel Li says:

    poor buffalo :(

  7. Rachel Li says:

    why dont they throw meat to the former lion king :(

  8. Can't even read it or hear it

  9. Cindey Dee says:

    Different clips from different documentaries.

  10. the former lion hunt for light sleeping hyena is the best. lol. poor hyena lion put him to sleep forever

  11. Gage Waston says:

    15:09 want to kill the lian

  12. Vianey Minja says:

    male lions are xo rude fucking animals..

  13. Edward Ster says:

    first off if they dont have a accent they don't need to be making a documentary about African animals its not the same lol and also who else on here is a Leo ♌ king or queen of the zodiac

  14. Lol I really hate lions I wanted the giraffe to kick them in the head and kill them with one blow. Lions are shit

  15. he killed cubs yall dumm ass should've kill 2 pussy ass lion

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