Liquid Universe – Facts About Universe (Deep Space Documentary)


In this Space and universe video documentary, we are going to present you the Liquid Universe. Everything in this universe has started in the form of Liquid.


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  1. A fluid dynamics theory is used to explain the behavior of 99.999% of the observable universe. So we live in a fluid universe as most scientists believe, though it would have been an electric universe otherwise and no, the universe is very much not made out of gas. It is made 99.999% out of plasma, which is not a gas.

  2. There's no question that a life MIGHT be able to survive on titan, if it had evolved in those conditions but the solvent properties of water are necessary to combine the molecules randomly until life happens. A non-polar liquid and very low temperatures are counterproductive to abiogenesis.

  3. OK guys we got an unlimited fuel we just need to send average like 100000 people back and forth in metal armor heated suits and all the space gear. If only we could stop trying to act like big men on a small planet we have all this around us and go beyond, I do believe that a star trek thing could happen, but it’s all down to us to get into gear!

  4. Does liquid steel conduct electricity? I learnt when in school that this wasn't the case because the liquid is too hot. Can someone clarify?

  5. Gene Thaxton says:

    Is plasma a different state of matter? Is it like liquid/gas that burns like fire? It’s cool how you get different states of matter when you go really cold or really hot.

  6. MaximvsDread says:

    Was this series made for fourth graders?

  7. SANKOFA X says:

    13:03 sorry I couldn't hold myself when he started talking about crackers

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