Lisa Vanderpump: Inside the World of the Rich and Famous


From sparring with socialites on “Real Housewives” to “Dancing with the Stars,” she does it all.


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  1. Flenif2247 says:

    I adore her and respect how she raised her kids.

  2. Seriously I thought she was 60-65 , but then I look Wikipedia and she is 51… She acts way older.

  3. Shtwaan E. says:

    The aesthetic finesse of a Romanian Gypsy. And that name – cracks me up.

  4. bbaasje says:

    am I the only one who thinks "I would"?

  5. mensabs says:

    must have worked very hard to become wealthy!

  6. Kay Spitza says:

    I love Lisa!!!!!!!!

  7. Wayne Harris says:

    I love her. Classy and a little sexy.

  8. To be honest most or all that is said about Lisa I certainly do not share the same opinion.

  9. andun says:

    what makes a person like this want to be on tv and be a reality show with a bunch of fake drama, you guys are way too easily impressed by money

  10. lisa heres mi favorita .y ni modos las otras si les pica pues k se rasquen

  11. Tkay Spitza says:

    I love Lisa VanDerpump and dislike anyone who is mean to her!!!!! I also love Bethenny Frankel from another house. wives these two are totally the very very best housewives

  12. Tkay Spitza says:

    lisa vanderpump sorry I spelled it wrong in my first text

  13. be_jealouss says:

    love her. goals ♥️♥️♥️

  14. id fuck the shit out of this milf

  15. R.B. R. says:

    hahahahahh Van de pump… looks 25 and her husband 95….. she must be younger than her daughter…

  16. Used up old hoe bag.
    Just how many cocks been in that mouth ?

  17. I love Lisa! She rocks!

  18. More plastic parts on her than on a Corvette.

  19. That face lift… she can barely talk

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