Living Behind The CNN Curtain

Jim Kirwan

Of course the CNN Curtain includes the Stazi-State Media

That serves the Stazi-Israeli-State of USI.

Thanks to David Dees for his perfect depictation of this problem.

Living Behind The CNN Curtain

The video of the same name is from Max Keiser who coined the term, and whose reporting on the world is often brilliant.

In part one of the video Max illuminates many of the ways in which most Amerikans are still living in a time-warp, based on non-existent conditions that are no longer in the real world: Because of the artificial viewpoint adopted by the mass-media, which still supports the idea that the old world order of “the shining city on the hill” of the Reagan years, still exists: But nothing could be further from the truth. That becomes clear once you leave the CNN Curtain behind forever: As most of the rest of the world already has.

There are also a couple of other points that this totally artificial view has helped the filthy-rich to profit massively from, beginning in 1983.

Investor’s” were once upon a time a real asset to life and to the communities in which they worked and lived: That remained true until they discovered Vulture Capitalism and the criminally protected ways that they could render their “investments” risk free!

RISK”, real risks have always been part of every life and any real business decision. In that context dangerous and pivotal risks had to be faced in order to win the benefits of success that taking those risks made possible. Under this plan, a great many potential ventures failed because they could not meet the rigid requirements and survive. Once the ‘rules’ were changed that allowed “Investors” to avoid taking any risks at all, by embracing ‘artificial-stability’, then profits rose exponentially as taxes became moot and any problems could simply be bought off—for those ‘investors’ who knew who to spend their money on’.

As a direct consequence “investor’s haven’t taken any real risks since the golden years of Ronald Reagan. Today they don’t even have to risk being told “no” when it comes to borrowing the seed money: Their friends behind the revolving doors of government just give them federal dollars risk free. If they succeed they get to keep the profits if they fail, we have to pay for their failures. Something we have been paying for in bail-outs since Henry Paulson in 2008.

They no longer use their own money now and they don’t pay taxes. They need not fear the federal or state governments, when it comes to protecting their astronomical profits which they’re currently reaping hand over fist—and that’s why since the early 1980’s the profits of the filthy rich have risen astronomically; while the rest of us are looking at hunger and homelessness.

Meanwhile the employees in every one of these criminally created enterprises bears the very real burden that these practices have put upon society. DEBTS that were created because they are not commensurately paid for when it comes to their workers which make every enterprise possible: Instead they are told “be glad that you’ve still got a job” and remember: “you work for the corporation and not the other way around, so there’ll be no more talk of raises or benefits, if you want to keep the job.”

This worked so well when it came to outsized corporate profits, that by 1989 the corporate world began to revise everything involved in the entirely controlled public education arena. In addition to turning primary schools into Stazi Reeducation Camps for future generations, so that ‘students’ will adhere to every principal of the Politically-Correct society. This has allowed the Stazi-State incarnate to virtually rule the future, not just for society but for the conditions for every job that will ever exist.

What came from this slight of hand was a whole new set of ‘income streams’ that were created by charging for what had been free state-tuitions to most state and private colleges around the nation. As Public Education became privatized, the fact of getting any part of a higher education became a major debt-burden upon every student.

This happened at the same time as the college and university degrees that furnished the impetus for incurring that huge amount of debt became moot: Because the so-called jobs which the new degrees promised had already begun to disappear thanks to the ‘FREE-TRADE” agreements that sent millions upon millions of US jobs offshore and left Amerikans virtually jobless and still living in the stone-age of life behind the CNN Curtain!

This unofficial “policy” was a twofer. The income stream from higher education alone became the biggest bubble in American life today: While at the same time these policies guaranteed that real unemployment would rise across the land and all of it was pattered on the earlier “Risk-Free-Investments” which had proven to be ‘oh so successful’ throughout the banking and commercial world globally.

Americans must turn off CNN and break the trance we’ve been living in since before we became the 4th world nation that we’re living in now.

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