Living With ISIS – Documentary 2016


Do you know how to live Inside ISIS Documentary.


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  1. bread has yeast, yeast has sugar = Don't serve alcohol. may ALLAH forgive

  2. lbpdluis says:

    isis = al assad

  3. Vaxxii says:

    man if i was a bird i wouldnt go there

  4. John Louw says:

    you are Just gangsters,Just steeling property from the People,rape woman doing slavery,treating children,they must learn to kil people,its so cowerful to do that with litle children!!isis or deash are Just gangsters,not moslims!!!

  5. I'm so hoppy Russians, Syrians, the Iraqis and the rest of the American collation are exterminating them like the cockroaches that they are. It gives me such joy it scares me. Keep up the good work fellas.

  6. ISIS Rules. Allah HU akbar One day Everybody will bow down to allah.
    our muslims brothers should get more white european women to fuck everyday

  7. Bye Saengsri says:

    Dirty  Pigs  .

  8. Dejan yxyxyx says:

    And us tax payers…paying for everything. .lol my god people are so stupid


  10. Djur2844 says:

    ISIS is not a religion – They are send by satan to destroy humans – but they in the end will destroy each other – because they have no trust in anyone even to another ISIS-member – because they are satan-worriers killing everyone around themselves!!!

  11. Jo Sé says:


  12. Alban Daci says:

    U cunts and that fucking religion.make money and destroy life for something that's not even there.human race is horrible.we loose our lives and kill each other for a peace of paper and for a "god" who don't even exist.kill each other keep doing and u will see paradise don't worry about that.fuck religion

  13. Van Dank says:

    go to 50:15 and tell me its not fake..

  14. I want to fist fight all these little cocksuckers. There's no reason for them to exist in this day and age. They cut peoples heads off for pleasure, and here in America we consider waterboarding to be torture… How asshat backwards is that? If Bernie doesn't make it to the General election. I'm voting for the DON

  15. Free dom says:

    Kill ALL there call them selfs Muslims… Get them out of Europa.. WE OWE THEM NOTHING!!!!
    They come here with one hand begin for money, the other fisted to hit you when you turn your back… This is how they are, we see it EVERYDAY!!!!!

  16. chemical weapons supplied by america and britain! THIS WHOLE SHIT IS DISGUSTING! AND NOWERE CAN I SEE THE GOD I KNOW, HE IS A CREATOR NOT A KILLER!

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