“ILLUMINATI” IS THE To start with Online video Introduced FROM LOCKSMITH’S LABYRINTH Undertaking Thanks OUT IN MARCH. THE Online video IS DIRECTED BY @THAKINGMARTEEN AND Songs Generated BY @ALTRUWEST. Examine WWW.IAMLOCK.COM FOR More Videos


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  1. "They said Pike is the likeness of modern Santa Claus, a Scottish rite from a guy thats white satanic claws"Fuck Albert Pike, locksmith is fiercely on point.
    "They won't be happy until we acknowledge them god"

  2. This cat dope as they get

  3. Free Lion says:

    Fuck Illuminati .. posted from my iPhone. Spy on that sons of bitches. Switching to blackberry.

  4. Jim Jim says:

    locksmith you a fucking beast bro!!!??????????????????exposed them devil's???

  5. I came here looking for the Progressive commercial….

  6. Key Zen says:

    all seeing iPhone they use to spy on….. lock the beast!

  7. "Lively little locksmith" progressive illuminati ?

  8. locksmith, hopsin, Kendrick lamar j cole, tech9 and immortal technique would be a hell of a combination in a song it would rule hip hop greatest calabs lock smith is hard as hell

  9. PsyintZ says:

    Locksmith is so dope. It's like Immortal Technique's lyricism mated with Crooked I's flow. Wish people would stop sleepin' on this cat.

  10. DOS UNO says:

    Damn great to see a Bay Area great fighting the power.

  11. OIL P says:

    The game is too lame for this………"BRO ON ANOTHER PLANE………DARK MUSIC SICK FLOW…honest bars LYRICAL ARTISTRY. SO call HARD NIGGAS PAY attention………..TIMELESS Sound

  12. check out my sm cypher entry.lock is a big inspiration to me.

  13. Almir Limaj says:

    I can't believe that Locksmith's YouTube channel has only about 31K subscribers. It should be at least a million by now considering how talented he is. All the best, Lock!

  14. because of teambackpack cypher ( whom are the real ''shot'' these days <3 ) i discovered a new artist thank god

  15. Sina Malek says:

    beya inja Ali "come here Ali"

  16. This is the deepest,most meaningful song I've ever heard

  17. Locks music isnt just music. This shit is art, and this song was a fucking masterpeice..

  18. Bill Smith says:

    One of my favorites in my youtube collection! You can give Payday Monsanto a run for the money anytime bro. Thanks for your great work and talent.

  19. Ally 64 says:

    Locksmith numvare von. Iran numvare von, americha akhtfue!!!!

  20. gill bruton says:

    To many distractions we should be thinking about the actions
    the progress we could have made
    Bound down to a level of a slave
    but really they are across the waves
    Devil in us no wonder they hate us
    Think back to any date
    It's plain and simple what's on our slate
    Why intervene in another country when we profit off not
    Shit so hot got me feeling like k dot
    But naw I ain't no bot speak free even if you get shot

  21. Go listen to Ras Kass – Nature of The Threat …… a main influence of LockSmith and this song….

  22. LAHHZE says:

    I love how he speaks persian at the begining.he rocks

  23. this dude is dope but to the songs I've listened to its like immortal technique everything is like sad or provokes serious thought I feel every rapper should have some fun on some songs if he has any like that let me know

  24. Sina Malek says:

    Bringing that Persian vibe me g.

  25. Kidzo900 says:

    To the Masses taking Lashes from their Massers.

  26. Lyrical massacre as usual.

  27. jon deme says:

    tracking devices up on ur sum card damn he lock is spot on wit it

  28. Tony Barton says:

    Wow seriously all I've been listening to lately LockSmith kills everything I've heard him on keep spitting that fire

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