London Riots: The BBC will never replay this. Send it out


Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster with a voice about the riots. Speaking about the mistreatment of youths by police leading to an up-roar and the ignorance of both police and the government.

Intelligent black male. SEND THIS TO EVERYONE!


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  1. Symon says:

    The BBC is run by Murdoch as are the British Police and the British goverment!!!!! Wake up people!!!!!

  2. heavy_knowledge says:

    these riots have f*** all to do with the guy being shot that was a peacfull protest about it then sum scum took the chance to make so chaos and loot

  3. The ‘Real Truth’ about the London riots: “Clearly we are not going to take this lying down.” Is what Peter Smyth, of the Metropolitan Police Federation said in response to Theresa May’s an uppercut punch vowing to overhaul the rules governing police overtime and working conditions, when on the 3rd March 2011 she said; “No Home Secretary wants to cut police officers pay packages, but with a record budget deficit, these are extraordinary circumstances,” she said. Only weeks prior to these statements, the police were charging and beating the hell out of the students whilst they were protesting about the tuition fees and their grants being scrapped etc. At the “No Cuts” protest in central London on the 26th March 2011, I couldn’t believe the numbers of protesters, – as much as I was also surprised by the sheer numbers of police on patrol. Yet it can’t denied the police most certainly did turn a blind eye as many a crime took place right in front of them, – and when this kind of ‘go easy’ is witnessed by thousands, it spreads, as most others then want to take the opportunity to vent their anger, so out-come the paint bombs and fireworks, along with the dustbins and grit containers being emptied of their contents, then the windows get banged, then kicked, then smashed as no police officers are really that bothered to intervene, so then the looting kicks-in, – and this is what we see a repeat of this July 2011. ‘Now ‘everyone’s’ calling for no police cuts; – Simples!!!’

  4. the public opinion represented by the top media is talking about criminals of marginal groups of society. We had that already in the 60s, 70s, 80s etc and always they manage to surpress the true and real maining and will behind those anger movements. Dont get lost in racial or religious frasing everybody because tomorrow you will join the group if you got enough of government cheating everywhere on the world. Its enough although violence is the most stupid thing to do!

  5. Moha says:

    the idiotic British PM was talking not long ago on Aljazeera explaining to us how him and hes culture are superior because this ( what was happening in Egypt ) could never happen in England the beacon of democracy and freedom, looks like the hypocrite is going to be tested for what he said sooner than he expected

  6. vljones says:

    Unfortuantely the media and the ones that controlling the media will continue to show negativity about Black people in general. Yeah the statistics that are out is lies and bias. How Black people are 12% of the population in the USA and do all those crimes. That is false. Then the media say half of us are in prison but it is only a few black people in the USA.Yeah I see in newspapers and in my hometown all I see is murders, robberies that they report but they never put any postitive things on tv, newspapers that black people are doing. Yeah soon when this world system is going to collapse the thing about race is not going to matter anymore.

  7. Daniel says:

    This BBC interviewer is a horrible, frightened and confused woman. Sold her soul to the devil of corporate media. WAKE UP woman! stop protecting your masters, and repeating their propaganda without any critical view of an inquiring mind and a loving heart.
    WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN – where deceit, profit and respectability are more important than life and truth. enslaved by our own self-made structures. those horrible structures that we have created must go if we are ever to live a decent life of beauty and love on this earth.

  8. maitry says:

    ah yes of course, you have forgotten to point the finger at obama, no wonder the white supremacist staged a black muppet in the white house, how convenient.

  9. Abaddon says:

    Now we see the reality of MULTI-CULTURALISM, this is nothing to what is coming. We will ALL be fighting in our streets, towns, and cities shortly, no one will be exempt. This multi-cultural policy was deliberately pursued to bring about what we are seeing today, and will intensify as the world economy breaks down and the basic essentials of life become scarce. Those in power KNEW that putting together peoples who have been killing each other for millenia because of their cultural, religious, and racial differences would bring about the desired effects that we are now seeing spreading around the world. The ONLY thing that has stopped what we are seeing now take place is MONEY, as long as the system functioned, lubricated with money, multi-culturalism would be tolerated. THE MONEY IS RUNNING OUT. As Aristotle said, “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.” We are watching the terminal decline of a corrupt global financial, political, and religious system.

    Google “Black on white rape.” “Black on white crime.” These are FACTUAL FIGURES as released by the American government.

    They are 12% of the American population yet commit 75% of the crime.

    Blacks are the biggest menace in the USA.

    Blacks have had autonomy in Africa for decades and it is a sewer of crime, disease and poverty.

    Now blacks are destroying the European continent. They have PROVEN by their track record to be nothing more than a black plague wherever they settle in numbers.

    Collection of 308 broadcasts by Dr. William Luther Pierce, former physics professor and founder of the National Alliance, from a program called American Dissident Voices>>> A powerful dialogue of the realities of life rather than the idealists liberal and damaging policies that are tearing societies and a world apart.

  10. Maitry says:

    Mahatma Gandhi any one?

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