Lord Shiva : Ancient Aliens S11E15 Shiva the Destroyer (Ancient Aliens Documentary)


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  1. Why god creat god again ?
    God war of god so Funy lol

  2. kaliyugas says:

    this is such a materialist and naïve way to understand the Dharma… ridiculous

  3. kaliyugas says:

    "ancien astronaut theorist" says bla bla. Mickey Mouse and Ronald MacDonald too.

  4. this makes me laugh like hell…..

  5. And then you won't believe that Hinduism is actually the oldest religion in this world. And much of what is there in Hinduism is backed by scientific theories and scientific and logical explanations.
    Hinduism is supposedly older than 15000 BC. Yes you read that right. Since modern day archaeologists haven't excavated those cities and texts and materials(to prove the age of Hinduism), and may be they're buried much deeper than the depth that's been excavated and may be they're destroyed. Most of the things in early Hinduism have been passed down orally, may be through anecdotes, and years later, Hindus started penning down things for the purpose of preservation. Yet, Hinduism came before Christianity, Buddhism and the pseudo religion Islam(no offense, but that's a true fact for another time). Christianity was probably the result of oppression. So a hard to digest fact is that all human beings were probably Hindus at one point of time. And since it's survived for so long, proves why it could be better than other religions. Much of what was believed to be true in Hinduism have later been proved with advancements in technologies and discoveries.

    Let me give you an example, you may not be able to cite any ancient civilization(and religion) which had any schooling system. I'm talking about times before 1800 BC. But when comes to Hinduism, then a proper well structured schooling system existed in Hindu societies, called 'Gurukuls'. There the students were taught religion, science, mathematics, botany and lots of subjects. Gurukuls even taught art of fighting and weaponry. They were really so smart and advanced. Hence, undeniably Hinduism is oldest, and far ahead and advanced than any other religion and their religious societies.

    Shiva signifies power, the source of energy.

  6. Deepak Pal says:

    good comedy.
    i am hindu i know they r making you fool.

  7. the world need reset one way or another we are growing too 10 billion the earth can not sun stain the growth either mother nature will wipe out people or the war nuke will one way or another where doomed the pollution we are making with all the cars heating the earth at crazy rate are waters are being destroyed the animals and fish are dying humans dont care only about them self the federation of light workers are fed up and the Gods are mad 2017-2020 will be the years of human test

  8. there is no religion all lies there is a alien species that has made humans they altered your 46 48 dna

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