Lucifer, The Real Power Behind The New World Order


A movie by Paul Flynn
“All our science calculated towards actuality, is primitive and childlike – and yet, in contemporary consensus, its the most cherished thing we have”

The program for a new globe buy is as previous as the experiment “The New Environment.” The new globe remaining the United states. It was an experiment to show the people, they will ultimately all slide for safety delivered by the point out as an alternative of freedom of the personal But at previous, the program is much more mature….

“For we wrestle not towards flesh and blood, but towards principalities, towards powers, towards the rulers of the darkness of this globe, towards religious wickedness in high destinations.” — Ephesians 6:12

The authentic ability driving the New Environment Order is Satan and his fallen angels. The Bible each in the Psalms and in Revelation phone calls them the rulers of the earth and that the kings of the earth work with them planning the way for the rule of one particular they phone the beast 50 % man 50 % fallen angel. The issue is Satan’s kingdom as Jesus told us is divided there is a civil war using position the seventy fallen angels who God place in cost in excess of the Gentile nations of the earth at Babel are putting up a combat and their leader is the Prince of Persia. They took manage of the earth from the previous A single Environment Govt under Nimrod now that same process is returning and Iran historic Persia stands in the way. The tale is performed out prophetically in the guide of Judges with Gideons sons of which there had been seventy and their 50 % brother who experienced them beheaded. The movie Immortals also portrays the same battle that is now starting to get position. An additional intriguing thought in accordance to Jewish and occcult custom and writings the only man or woman who experienced the knowledge to manage these seventy angels was Solomon through his ring and seal he was equipped to manage these angels. This same seal is now on the flag of the country of Israel placed there by the Rothschilds. Was this portion of the knowledge the secret societies have been hunting for through the ages. The only position in the Bible the range 666 is pointed out apart from Revelation is in regard to Solomon. Nimrod is linked to the beast in Revelation if you search at Micah Ch 5 the figures 7 and eight replicate the same figures as in Revelation he is the eighth but one particular of the 7. Seven shepherds eight princes a mixture of fallen angel and man one particular leader to unite Satans kingdom towards the Kingdom of Heaven. Micah also mentions a doorway gateway or entrance in regard to the land of Nimrod which is where by he crafted his tower of Babel is this the other knowledge the secret societies and the shadow governments are hunting for the stargate to get the Antichrist and his demonic angelic army into the religious realms up until now forbidden to them to get them into the incredibly throne area of God. This is what Nimrod intended to do in accordance to historic texts the AntiChrist is satisfying his father’s program to ascend into the position of the Most Higher.


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