Lucifer’s New World Order Church Discovered : Dark Secrets Revealed | 2016 Documentary


With the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary coming up, you need to know who you really worship.The Orthodox and Catholic churches are clearly overran by …


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  1. Very nice video and information. Thanks for standing up for "The Truth"!
    Well done.

  2. Great video. I always get into debates with Catholic people who claim the Roman Catholic Church is the original Church, when both history as well as the Bible prove otherwise. Sadly, they never refer to the Bible, but rather trust the words of their deceived priests and bishops.


  4. Hillary is the coming new figure of the queen of heaven for the beast. The Illuminati and part of the world will worship the new queen for she will give birth to the Phoenix (rooster NUSKA / IAO / IAW who will rule over the world.

  5. namzy mimz says:

    Thanx for the awesome video, God is already blessing you my dear

  6. Great Video:) Goes to show religion is Man made and how misleading it can be:(
    Many Thanks and Kind Regards:)

  7. 33 big number for Masons/Luciferians Sounds like the preparatiuon for the ONE WORD RELIGION> ps: the graphics were amazing.. very good work.. thank you

  8. I am Blessed I found your videos! Thank you.

  9. Did lucifer also put them advertisements in the video?

  10. Martin John says:

    Beatific. Thank you.

  11. Andre' Goods says:

    I think that "mudra" and hand magik will be shown a LOT in the movie Dr. Strange. Great work. And thanks for showing the old Russian paintings of a brown Jesus. Any depiction of him is an abomination but at least the truth is being shown and we follow the God of truth. Word up!

  12. This is why I subscribed ?

  13. Dspeir says:

    Easter is transliteration of the name Ishtar . The pagans that worshiped the queen of heaven "Ishtar" performed rituals rolling eggs in different colored clothes, women would hid them in the forest . The men would go to hunt for the egg, which ever man found the woman's egg wrapped in the color she chose, had sex with her as part of a fertility right to the woman .  Christians are supposed to celebrate Pass over, as Christ became our pass over when he paid the ultimate price for our salvation with his own life . Easter is a mistranslated word in the bible . The correct word is passel in Greek meaning pass over .

  14. Greg Goodwin says:

    These are the kind of videos I love to watch. I just wish people would open their eyes to the truth. I will have to watch this again and pause at every scripture, write down key words and phrases and go on line to look them up. Could you please display Book, Chapter and verse next time?

  15. yo that goes beyond necromancia and its idolatrous

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