Mac – World War III (Full Album)


Release : 1999 Label: No Limit Records 1. Intro 2. War Party 3. Best Friends 4. How 5. Before Deadly bleeding 6. 7 . You Never Know 8. Just Another Thug 9 .


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  1. hamza dedic says:

    what other albums did he released? this some real shit

  2. ragrago says:


  3. Check out this video on YouTube:

  4. slyzilla30 says:

    Best lyricist on No Limit, best lyricist in the south during his run.  Hold ya head, Mac!

  5. Madison Sims says:

    [Featured Version Tracklist]

    1. Intro

    2. War Party (featuring: Magic & D.I.G.)

    3. Best Friends

    4. Like Before (featuring: Storm)

    5. We Deadly (featuring: Skull Duggery, Master P & Silkk the Shocker)

    6. Bloody (featuring: Magic)

    7. You Never Know (featuring: Mia X)

    8. Just Another Thug (featuring C-Murder)

    9. Battle Cry (Tomorrow)

    10. If It's Cool (featuring: Ms. Peaches)

    11. Cops and Robbers

    12. Lock Down (Remix)

    13. Paradise (featuring: Popeye & Samm)

    14. That's Hip Hop

    15. Can U Love Me? (Eyes of a Killer)

    16. Genocide (Skit)

    17. Genocide (featuring: Master P & Ms. Peaches)

    18. Father's Day

    19. Still Callin' Me (featuring: Sons of Funk & Ms. Peaches)

    20. Assassin Nation (featuring: Storm)

    21. Outro

  6. REDD says:

    Mac top 5 dead or alive in my opinion.. One of the best artist the world will never know about..

  7. jujuchannel says:

    Mac is one of my favorite rappers ever 2pac then him then jadakiss I like real music and lyrics

  8. yo this take me back to when Sh*t was real! Genocide…. Free Mac!!!!!!!!

  9. Kay Kay says:

    I haven't heard this album in a while, thanks for posting it. 

  10. Mac felt spoke his point of view all the time

  11. This>Shell Shocked

  12. Ronald White says:

    people didnt understand when Mac was telling em it's a World War

  13. my favorite no limit soulja album

  14. Mac..magic..C murder. .illest members out of no limit. master p a pussy."P" for could è not support C.. r.i.p Mr MAGIC. ..can anyone tell me wat MAC in pen for..someone told me that he was on death row. .iv tried findin info on u tube but it's not showin me nuttin..wats the story how è ended up locked up

  15. I can't get Mercedes no limit on Spotify I'm disappointed rear end is a naughty product to come out No limit…I don't rate female rapper's but I do 2 Mercedes and zigg zagg..brotha lynch bitch..she dark man

  16. hood talent says:


  17. Kenny King says:

    world war 3 nigga klassik

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