Magnatek Smart Flares: Emergency Roadside LED Flare Kit


The Magnatek Smart Flares is a modern approach to standard roadside assistance flares that utilize a bright LED with multiple modes, magnetic bases for …


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  1. Is this the review that brought the cops out?

  2. Anyone remember the flashlights that consisted of a white, headlight looking lap on front. And, a red, telescoping beacon on the back? They mounted on a large 6 volt lantern battery. I would love to see a quality modern version.

    Speaking of nostalgia. The flares we used in the FD years ago lasted for 30 minutes and had a metal spike in the base. You could stick them on a wooden guide post, or baton them into the pavement.

  3. Birute00 says:

    Awesome video and review. Great series

  4. Yoo Toob says:

    Curious as to why you did not perform a side by side brightness and distance test compared with the standard road flare.

  5. JD_Wolf says:

    Good review. Looks like you can get a good stock of those regular road flares (says 20 min run time on ones I saw online), like a dozen for the same price. For something I would have stored in my trunk and forget about all year long if not for longer I'd rather have a pile of regular flares to be honest. No batteries to worry about. Sure they're "only 20 min" or even 15 (they have 30 min ones too for more money), but if you're in an urban environment it won't take long for a tow truck or even a cop to notice and help you out with signaling safely while waiting.

    I'd rather grab a handful of flares and be able to toss them in the road where I need them without having to walk into the road in the dark to carefully tail-stand a plastic light. I don't mind using up to a dozen flares since I'm waiting anyway, I can put say 3 at a time out there, and 15 minutes each is an hour of wait time given you have that dozen.

    The only downside to this is the inconvenience of having to replace them every 15 min or so, and the space a dozen flares takes up vs the little plastic box.

  6. MasterTech58 says:

    would you need a flare that last 5 days? my luck those batteries would be dead when I went to use them. Extreme heat and cold in a car is gonna kill those AAA batteries over time

  7. $35 is way to much money, especially since you can get the 3 pack of Life gears for $10 or the First alert for beacons for $25.
    Personally I went with the cheap Harbor Freight triangle lights, they have a red flasher mode and can be used as a task light, it has a stand/hook built in and a magnet on the back.
    You only have to pull the rubber switch cover out and cover the hole with some electrical or duct tape and the switch is recessed enough that it wont accidentally trigger but still easy to press. Better yet I just had the thought of wrapping the lights with some reflective tape to make them even more effective.

  8. Great idea, would be nice to See what thrunite could do with this concept…. All of your criticisms were bang on. The only other drawback is the obvious one with battery drain in winter.

  9. Lars Londian says:

    Great job, thanks for sharing!

  10. Great review Cliff. Spot on the cons. The additional question I would have is the crush resistance on the flares. Some of the best ones I use have 20,000 lb crush resistance. Trucks (semis) drive over these "by accident" at times. The ones I use are the First Alert LED Emergency Beacon Flares Kit, with three flares and a bag for storage. Get the 1Watt versions rather than the 1/2 watt ones. There is also space for battery storage (batteries not included) in the bag. These flares do also have a magnetic base and an o-ring seal. I use these professionally. Mfr#: B3RBP2

    Another option, but not as bright but with more LED display options are the Wagen EL2639-3 Flashing Roadside Emergency Disc LED Flares.

  11. Good video and reasonable and thorough critique as always.

  12. I can't get over your intro I love it!

  13. Excellent product and excellent review.  Thanks!

  14. Center Mass says:

    I think in stormy Winter conditions the LED base would blow over. While this would be of value on the highway, I think in an Urban environment in an unattended vehicle situation, they would quickly be stolen and not cheap to replace. The road flares are not going to be stolen, although I have had them run over in heavy traffic environments.

  15. Joseph Angi says:

    Great review. I agree that the batteries should be stored separately. Stored in the trunk with the heat and cold would kill alkaline batteries quickly. Best bet, although expensive would be a lithium type battery. I would like to see the standard flare lit near the led version to get an idea of the brightness difference. Thanks again for the review

  16. Boyd Hudson says:

    Hi Cliff, Some aspects of the Mafnatec Smart flares I realy like. Other aspects seem not so smart. The use of AAA alkaline batteries mainly. Nothing leaks like an alkaleak. Flares will be sitting in your trunk for how long? Supreme safety products has the Supreme Safety LED Traffic Flare . It uses a CR 132 battery. They have a 10 year shelf life!! This led flare is shaped like a hockey puck and is just as tough, toss em on the ground or stick it on your vehicle. I've driven my car directly over it with no ill effect. Nine flash patterns including flashlight mode, magnetic mount, lanyard hole. I carry 6 in a nice carry bag in each car. rechargable model also available but run time is better with primary CR 123 cells. Here is a link: Here's a thought, film them as you are passenger in an approaching vehicle, both at night and daylight.

  17. Boyd Hudson says:

    afterthought: I'm making a small collapsible reflector out of the silver mylar type windshield sun shields to place in the rear window to utilize a flare inside the vehicle with maximum effect.

  18. Really extensive review/video, liked it because of that, don't think you missed anything … ^^ … obviously you use the flares and the triangles both at night, but you already mentioned that in the comments, or so i read … goes to show that not all ideas are as briljant as patents imply them to be …

  19. dseed norway says:

    good informative video, I am def looking into them, thanks mate

  20. gablia2002 says:

    you are committed,5 days…you da man!

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