‘Magnetic’ Georgian man sticks 50 spoons to his body


Abandoning a bid to set Guinness world record for balancing spoons on his face, a 39-year-old Georgian sports coach instead balances 50 on his body in an apparent feat of ‘magnetic’ attraction.

Etibar Elchyev, a 39-year-old kick-boxing trainer, discovered his talent of attracting metal to his body less than a year ago but has quickly taken to the world of magnetism.

Initially The Georgian Guinness Book of Records Commission announced Mr Elchyev wanted to break the record for ‘the most spoons balanced on the face’ category by balancing 27 spoons.

However after an unexplained change of plan, the kick-boxing trainer managed to balance 50 metal spoons around his neck and chest.

After the still impressive feat was successfully achieved, a happy Mr Elchyev promised there was more to come.

“I am pleased with today’s results, but I am not in a hurry to lay all my cards on the table immediately, as soon as you do it, everything is over.

“As you have seen I announced I would balance only 27 spoons but showed I could do 50 instead. So, next time I might show not 150, but even more. My goal is to set a world record which no one else can break,” he said.


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