Mainstream Media EXPOSED! Now They’re Using Russia For This Surprise Plot!!!


Here’s A Russian Surprise You WEREN’T Expecting! And NO! It’s NOT World War 3! Lately in the mainstream media, U.S. “senior officials” have been reporting …



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  1. I'd like to see the information between Russia and the Clinton Foundation, besides Uranium 1… that's what they're afraid of US finding out… you'll see.

  2. Cody Fost says:

    Truthunveiled77, idk if you've mentioned this in a video but you should make it known Obama will be 666 months old when he's 'supposed' to leave office.

  3. Cody Fost says:

    Truthunveiled77, idk if you've mentioned this in a video but you should make it known Obama will be 666 months old when he's 'supposed' to leave office.

  4. It is not for me, or anyone to KNOW if these emails were leaked by Russia or not. BUT whoever leaked those emails DID A GREAT FAVOR TO THE WORLD, NOT ONLY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE who being quite dormant and let anything and anyone lie and walk over them to the point of allowing proven criminals who are working against the USA run for the Presidency! The WHY against Russia is pretty obvious, Russia is not only politics and that Russia a powerful and rich = country but, most importantly Russiai is THE BASTION OF TRUE CHRISTENDOM IN THE WORLD and that is the same as saying: Russia is the #1 ENEMY of the Antichrist. And that is NOT a question of religion, it is bigger than that.

  5. Artimus812 says:

    Any group that help stop that lying cheating traitor Hillary and her rapist husband from getting into the Whitehouse is a friend. Thanks Russia!

  6. David Denny says:

    I think they're using this as a plot to get away from the pizza gate

  7. SeaToby11 says:

    Never fear, if no one has a majority of electoral votes, it goes to the US House of Representatives who will vote by state, not as individual members. Did you see the large swath of red states? Trump would win in a landslide. California will end up with the same number of votes as all of the other states, one… And yes, the precedent has been set, way back in the 1800 election…

  8. Cordell Ivy says:

    Trump just cost military provider Lockheed Martin TWO BILLION $$$ in value with one tweet. they will remove him soon
    and he appointed Rick Perry to lead the govt agency Perry infamously vowed to eliminate if Perry was pres. OMG. idiocracy was a documentary

  9. yvon duval says:

    the CIA should be close , they deal cocaine started wars lied and hided real truth
    do they think that us the people are stupid ,

  10. Arlene Ayala says:

    they're saying Russia like they were saying Iraq on 911

  11. russia is also going to be blamed for election hacking in Germany next year

  12. Bill,Hillary and Chelsea Clinton sold secret technology to China now bitching about cyber attacks,this goes to McCain and Graham too.
    P.S. McCain is not a war hero.

  13. Sal Reed says:

    HAHAHAHA…omg1 I LOVE watcing their sheer desperation to stay outta jail! Terrified just doesn't cover it! Death Penalty still on the table for Traitors yes?

  14. Jeff C. says:

    These hacks by the Russians doesn't say much for Obama's Cyber Security team.  He has had eight years to stop these cyber attacks.  You mean the mighty NSA, CIA and the FBI allowed this and only just now are reporting the intrusions.  What about the hundred people that mysteriously died during the Clinton's reign in Arkansas and later in Washington D.C.  The thousands of drug smuggling flights into Mena, Arkansas.  The execution of pilot Barry Seale.  Who can forget the immortal quote, "I did not have sex with that woman."  Or "A blowjob is not sex."  And "I smoked but I did not inhale."   It seems as though everything about both Clintons is one big f**king lie.

  15. Joe12 says:

    Can you do a video on Baba Vanga plz

  16. Clinton is a lieing politician with a history of lies

  17. Joeki11a says:

    So youre saying the russian hack stuff is fake news to help sway electoral voters

  18. Search: ( Ga Senate hacked by DHS ) they did this day before and same day as pres election…

  19. Joanna Lynn says:

    This is all made up to try to replace Trump as President with Hillary Clinton. The American people voted against Hillary because we do not want her to be our president. This is crazy! Americans are losing our right to vote for our choice for president!!!

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