Maladaptive Programming of the New World Order – Neil Sanders


Magic is described as the science and artwork of creating modify (in consciousness) to come about in conformity with will, employing usually means not at this time recognized by conventional Western science. That is to say that our consciousness makes fact. What outcome will mainstream programming and the information barrage of the Globally Net have on the manifest earth? Our rage develops from not accepting where by we are and the maladaptive programming of anticipating the worst to occur.

Consciousness is the only thing that will transform our earth and our imagination has been captured by Hollywood, politics, and magicians. Will we acknowledge the symptoms in the road and start a Friendship Agenda with genuine deal with to deal with communication and a accurate perception of sovereignty? If we can think it, it can be manifest.


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  1. Bizan Tura says:

    Must be an "alternative meme" that the elites (parasites) are all on the same page. Never any infighting or divide, that is for the little people. Carrying out their agenda in total planned and préplanned unison. Group think like that and no wonder the poor victimized little people never best them.

  2. jaysims528 says:

    I almost turned it off when you were bashing Trump during the first few minutes but then I thought to myself why do I feel like this? And I kept listening and you answered my question thank you!

  3. Rules of the Con/Ego: “The formula has infinite depth in its efficacy and application but it’s staggeringly simple and completely consistent.”

    The art is for me to feed pieces to you, and make you think you took those pieces, because you’re smarter and I’m dumber (ego inflation of the mark).
    In every game or con there is always an opponent (ego) and there is always a victim (self).
    The more control the victim (self) thinks he has, the less control he actually has.
    Gradually he (self) will hang himself, I (ego) as the opponent just help him along.”

    This first part of the rules are outlining how the ego’s con is to tease, pleasure, and tempt us further and further into selfish desires and greed until we eventually destroy ourselves through our own arrogance and blindness. All the while, we operate under the illusion that we know exactly what we’re doing and that we’re perfectly in control. When that massive wall of deception finally falls it’s crushing to bear, driving us to extreme lows and even suicide.

    Rule one of any game or con, you can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent.
    Rule number 2, the more sophisticated the game, the more sophisticated the opponent (the smarter the person the smarter the ego – e.g. blue collar vs. white collar crime).
    If the opponent is very good, he will place his victim inside an environment he can control (our mind and thoughts).
    The bigger the environment, the easier the control (our mind governs our perception of reality and thus controls our entire universe).
    Gradually the victim will play by the rules he is taught to play by and he will be controlled by those rules (boundaries we place upon our infinite selves and our potential for experiencing life; financial, relationships, health, spiritual, intellectual).
    Toss the dog a bone (temptation to tease out the mark’s greed). Find their weakness (craving/desire/attachment), give them just a little of what they think they want (basis for all cons – greed).
    So the opponent (ego) simply distracts their victim (self) by getting them consumed with their own consumption (constantly asking, “What’s in it for me?”, ego desire, pride, and narcissism thus setting up for the super high and eventual crushing low, the bigger the high, the bigger the low).
    However, if this doesn’t work, he (ego) will smother, humiliate, ridicule, or utterly destroy the threat (ego self-preservation; anything that is starting to set us free the ego will seek to find reasons to hate it and destroy it mentally or physically – e.g. Jesus and the countless saints and visionaries that have been murdered from challenging the ego’s control).
    The bigger the trick and older the trick, the easier it is to pull, based on two principles. They (us) think it can’t be that old and it can’t be that big for so many people to have fallen for it. (Could all of humanity truly have fallen for this massive con on our divine, infinite souls? Could it be possible we all accepted the ego’s ridiculously small version of ourselves simply because we were never taught otherwise?)
    The more the victim (us) invests, the less chance they will turn back (the more invested and attached we are to our ego’s promises the harder it is to transcend it and let them go).
    Eventually when the opponent (ego) is challenged or questioned, it means the victim’s investment and thus his intelligence is questioned, no one can accept that, not even to themselves. (Identifying the ego for what it is can be extremely difficult for the mind to accept, it also implies that the majority of the person’s life has been controlled and chasing after illusions of security and identity. Depression and suicide can often be the result depending on the scale of attachment and the use of support systems.)
    You will always find a good opponent in the very last place you’d ever look (within ourselves).

  4. well freeman. im a vegan. wanna know why? long before i met ur videos i thought that if satanist elites eat human flesh from innocent children for guilt shifting purposes and humankind eats flesh from animals living a slave life of torture and get killed horrifically to be eaten – and humankind is in a slumber and doesnt care to change things – might there be coincidence?

  5. great upload! happy 2017!

  6. All I know is that regular people don't talk like that when referring to pizza and hotdogs. Never mind high ranking government trolls. I believe that the real psy-op is making people think that pizza gate is a psy-op. The number one thing that these people love to do, is put their shit right out in front for everyone to see. They are raping and killing kids and fucking bragging about it. It's going to be a tough next life for these psychopaths.

  7. thanks freeman best on you tube

  8. Happy New Year people! Glad to see Neil Sanders back in conversation with Freeman.

  9. karen rose says:

    HAARP may have something to do with group think etc. It can mentally manipulate half a continent. Then they made a total of twenty-eight of those facilities evenly spaced within the equatorial regions around the Earth. LOL. It can effect human behavior and thinking according to expert Dr. Nick Begich. Then we are fed rubbish on the news to believe whatever someone wants us to believe. So it seems we can be deceived and manipulated pretty well. Everything is getting corrupted today. WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!

  10. Jason Nelson says:

    yay 2017 freeman content! happy new year to you!

  11. A lot of respect for Neil Sanders. Common sense skepticism.

  12. TinyApe says:

    Not a religion, I hate religion! Not a dietary choice, a plant diet offers far greater & diverse nutrient choices. Not political, politics is a hue-man deception for control. Not condemnation, its life energy cannibalism thus self destruction. Look around & prove it to be wrong. Ask if life on earth has gotten better since your birth. Not understanding is excuses given by cowardly psychopathic followers of followers who follow other followers – period.

  13. drumstick74 says:

    Great interview, thanks for having Sanders on again.

  14. I agree. Trump is terrible. They ALL are.

  15. Lisa Cooley says:

    Freeman!! I have been UNsubbed from your channel 3 times now since October! Of course I ALWAYS resub but I thought you should know because ifnits happening to me, it's probably happening to a lot of your subscribers. Very shady indeed…. ?

  16. you. are. the. man. thankyou!!!!!!

  17. Eyesee says:

    I believe that the same things happened at the Tower of Babel. All the people thought the same so god separated there languages.

  18. t. l. duncan says:

    you had me until you got to george w. bush…..he was a below average student…a below average intellect….a hard drinker, cocaine snorter, womanizer, and soon to be convicted war criminial who was responsible for 911 and who had the head of the CIA for a daddy. you almost had me…..

  19. Happy new year Freeman!

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