MALIBU DRIVE: Avengers Zombies! [3] ★ SYMBIOTE Spider-Man Progress!


Call of Duty: World at War Custom Zombies on Malibu Drive is FINALLY here! Join us as WE join Marvel’s Avengers to take on the Zombie Hordes and to solve …


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  1. wtf its not working

  2. Why isn't it working when I try to replay it

  3. jesper munk says:

    ahh its a shame a great map like this an only to upload it in 360p

  4. when are they doing a live stream again?

  5. Can every one play on this map

  6. Gavin Ryan says:

    chroma the dark lord

  7. Bk Carlito says:

    Are all the symbols the same every different game?

  8. Bk Carlito says:

    Can we hope for a run down of the EE steps after you guys complete it? Maybe a tutorial

  9. hopefully they figure out these quality issues, 360p sucks ass.

  10. fish man says:

    They catch up to last nights progress at 2:04:30 Thank me later

  11. S Kehoe says:

    Start a new stream already

  12. Joe Sanders says:

    I wish we could see suley with a facecam on that reaction xD

  13. Lol spider keeps saying he's venom after he said yeah I know I'm not venom, im symbiote spiderman lmao

  14. Couldn't symbiote spiderman beat red hulk?

  15. Maybe meleeing as symbiote spiderman is more powerful than before, Spider?

  16. Fuck u hyper spiderman is awesome!

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