Man Jailed for 15 Months for Getting Beat Up by Cop

Philip Hodges

Police must feel at ease lying, because they know that no one will question their report. They’ll lie even though they know their own dash cam videos are staring right at them. After all, there’s no reason to request the video footage when all the “evidence” the prosecutor and judge will need is right there in the report. And there’s nothing the civilian can do about it. The prosecutor and judge will just laugh at the civilian if he even hints that what the police officer wrote in his report is inaccurate.

Man Jailed for 15 Months for Getting Beat Up by Cop

Case in point, Dallas, Texas police officer Matthew Antkowiak was called to the scene of two fighting white guys. On his way to break up the fight, he saw some older black man Ronald Jones crossing the street. The Daily Caller continued:

Antkowiak claimed that Jones was throwing beer bottles. He stopped his car and approached Jones. According to the officer, Jones tried to choke him, provoking a fight that lasted until other officers arrived.

Jones was arrested on assault charges and spent the next 15 months in prison, according to WFAA News 8.

The only problem? Antkowiak’s account was a complete lie — and eventually, footage from police dashboard cameras disproved it.

It was Antkowiak who choked Jones, without any provocation. When police arrived on scene, they began beating and kicking Jones, who begged for help.

After seeing the video evidence, prosecutors dropped all charges against Jones. The police department eventually launched an investigation that resulted in Antkowiak resigning. The others officers involved were all cleared of wrongdoing.

For his 15 months in prison, Jones received a $1.1 million settlement.

Here’s the news footage of the incident:

Dallas settles for $1.1 million in false arrest case

The City of Dallas gave $1.1 million to Ronald Jones on Wednesday for his claims that he was beaten and falsely arrested by Dallas police — and then spent 15 months in jail as a result. view full article

This cop bore false witness against Jones. Jones’s trial would have certainly ended in conviction and a lengthy prison sentence. The cop ended up resigning because of his lies, but that’s not good enough. He should have the same exact penalty applied to him that Jones would have had to endure had he actually been guilty. If that means 15 years in prison, then so be it. The $1.1 million is nice and all, but that’s not complete justice. It’s more of a taxpayer-subsidized bribe.

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  1. 5WarVeteran says:

    Just what I have come to expect from Texas.

  2. common law private attorney general Chris says:

    Status Quo: “Blame the Victim”; Talmudism / T-AH-EL-MU-dism; Mirroring Tactics from: Tzun Tzu’s: “The ART of WAR”; from pHA-I-RA Sea People, MERChants [Haunted by MERCenary WAR MO-AN”G”ers] posed or ACTing / MAsked as Sea Merchants for “commerce” [Com= of, for, by, thru, and MERC = WAR]?
    Kind of Like a Tri JIN, [Trojan” Horse] adopt the Pose of The Moderate merchant; to advance the Radical Terrorist agenda of the Left; Cloward and Plivin and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radical Revolutionary Terrorists to overthrow their Intended Victim prey? Pray

  3. watchman48 says:

    Praise the LORD for the video…. and I suppose the officers are still on the payroll….

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