Manchester Airport, RWY05R Close Up Afternoon Arrivals, 45 Landings! | 06/05/16


This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, “RachaelMatt” 1080p HD! The first week of May has arrived, meaning the arrival of the summer seasonal routes, …


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  1. Great vid, where abouts on the south side do you film from?

  2. Lovely video Matt, funnily enough I made my first visit to this airport on Sunday, but to the AVP, this spot looks much better but didn't know how to get there by car sadly

  3. Thomson G-TAWD now flys from Leeds

  4. Thomson fly to Dubai now?

  5. xboxgamer says:

    Do BA fly the a380 into Gatwick?

  6. Joel Colyer says:

    How do you travel around so much?

  7. Ali Razzaq says:

    Monarch at 3:02 absolutely greased it

  8. Good to see EK19 at 28.00. I've been on that flight.

  9. What a beautiful video mate!

  10. Peter Lokey says:

    Awesome Video As Always.

  11. A great afternoons film show, brilliant landings, THANKS MATT

  12. SoundLad says:

    cool as always Matt…. Love Tom2501,s landing…. does like a little bow for you haha

  13. Sumit Sethi says:

    Beautiful video as usual!

  14. Surprised didn't see you! I was not far from touchdown spot on Friday evening from around 6.

  15. Jet2 A321!!
    nice catch

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