Manchester airport-views from level 13 of the T1 multi storey car park on 09/08/09



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  1. jimmyg34567 says:

    another great vid. keep them coming.

    p.s think i may have been on one of the thomsons

  2. Ross Kennedy says:

    Presently, on the West side of the T1 car park on level 13 (top level) there is a wire fence. This is there for a good reason, though it can be a bit of a nuisance if you want to take any pictures or videos. In terms of getting there, it is cheaper if you take the bus and get the lift to the top level or get somebody to drop you off rather than parking. PLEASE NOTE: you can't park on LEVEL 13; it's only car rental cars that are allowed to park there. There are NO admission fees.

  3. Ross Kennedy says:

    If you would like any more info on the Terminal 1 car park, send me a personal message or comment and I will tell you what you want to know. Thanks for commenting!

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