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  1. hope Russia kicks every body's ass.

  2. Humpty Doom says:

    that kind of bull crap. I live in Poland, we're been fed anti-Russian propaganda since at least September 17th of 1939, when in cooperation with Germans from the west, Soviets attacked from the east, but only small amount of people were actually Russians. ever since we're heavily bombarded with anti-Russian propaganda, and even thou some people can differentiate soviets, which were Jews, from true Russians, in next sentence they make them equal. Russians were the first to fall victim to Bolsheviks, that later transformed into soviets. The whole Baltic region was CIA sponsored anti-Russian propaganda since at least mid 1960's, and by mr. Soros himself in 1970's/1980's.
    what's not ever being said, neither in Polish press(titutes), nor any other european press(titutes) of main sewage media, is that after the fall of Berlin wall, Moscow agreed to return east Germany to Germans if NATO won't spread to post soviet Republics. well, 12 years later, on May 1st 2001, Poland was sucked into NATO, followed by other Baltic states. NATO, which since it's creation was anti-Russia oriented, was closing in on Russian borders. When Putin took over, he started to build up forces, to protect against NATO. few days ago in Romania went online first anti-missile system that's USA sponsored to 'protect against Iran missiles'. next "anti-Iran-missile-shield" part construction was initiated in Poland.
    behind every Russian "provocation" and exercises is NATO pushing in on Russia to provoke it, either by spy-planes, "misguided" NATO war plane crossing Russian air space, or like few weeks ago, US war ship coming 70 miles off the Russian coast. Of course Russia was the 'aggressor', for sending out war planes to make it clear they closing in on Russian territorial waters. what would US residents and citizence expect of US government, if Russian war ships were 70 miles of US territory?

    next time before showing map like this, put dates on.make some research and be honest to report what came first. Did Russia grew in size and threatened NATO, or was it the orher way around, and NATO is closing in on Russia, with UKRAINE BEING THE LAST ONE TO SEPARATE RUSSIA FROM NATO. According to US ambassador to Ukraine, mrs. Nuland, US spent $5,000,000,000 (BILLION) in Ukraine, us soldiers were caught on camera in Ukraine, Britain trains and sends arms to Ukraine, and all main sewage media still claim Russia (which is obligated by constitutin to protect Russians abroad) is the aggressor.

    we're already at war, world war 3 is on, one front being in Syria, next is ongoing information war by all jewish-owned media against Putin who limited their influence in Russia, and sanctions, which are in fact economic warfare. as a Polan, I am scared as shit, but not of Russia, but NATO, and US armed Ukraine ruled by SS officers of WW2 era and their descents, and UPA, that is ultra-nationalists that deny for the last 70 years they killed thousand of Polish civilians, deny access to grounds for excavations, where witnesses say the mass graves are located, and deny that 30,000-50,000 of Polans killed in Ukraine was a ethnic cleansing and genocide.

  3. Only a fool believes in a benefit from a confrontation/ war between two nuclear powers. The multinational plutocrats will fan the flames of political and ethnic dissent for personal gains in weapons sales and to keep the public (on both sides) distracted from a desire for world peace.

  4. Jose Aquino says:


  5. Russian troops in Russia, how frikin' aggressive of them, I wonder if China is doing the same (building up its troops inside its boarders!) BTW each Blue spot represent NATO/US/UK – aint they out of their own countries…. this idiot seems to be running a exteded gag in a MOnty Pyton show

  6. Humpty doom ,knows his history

  7. Hamza Halal says:

    fuck nato terrorists they invaded Yugoslavia and every country that supports Russia they will pay let it happen I would rather have ww3 then live under NORTH ATLANTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION

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