Marcus “Filipino Thunder” Sannadan – Reebok Record Breakers 2


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  1. sunie sevier says:

    He didn't even train dead lifts you guys need to stay up to speed….

  2. emp100k says:

    Great squat and bench Marcus, you just fell down a bit on the dead-lift gotta work on that (injury maybe?)

  3. the Bruce says:

    Get this guy on the powercast already.

  4. All his other lifts were great but his deadlift was poor for someone of that size.

  5. we got the same blood flowing!!! on our veins proud filipino here ????

  6. Battle Bolt says:

    Damn I don't think I've ever seen Marcus Deadlift.
    His lifts seemed easy as fuck for him though. Good shit

  7. Battle Bolt says:

    Oh okay I'm guessing he had to pull sumo because he hurt is back?

  8. Good for him getting that Bench PR, hard work definitely pays off.

  9. Eugene Peni says:

    is that all the dudes out of the way?
    now where the supertraining ladies at #nohetero

  10. Reminds of the Warrior with Tom Hardy, where he walks in the ring, kicks his opponents ass and immediately walks out… that's how I'd sum up this meet for Marcus.

  11. better in a lighter weight class

  12. Jose S. says:

    Fuckin amped watching that 3rd squat attempt

  13. rkellyonu says:

    packin lips while lifting?? gonna hve to try that out haha

  14. colonelkfc33 says:

    Filipino Thunder approaching Lilliebridge FUPA standards…WR totals incoming….excellent lifts.

  15. Is he injured since he only had 1 attempt in deadlifts?

  16. Cole Bailiff says:

    Awesome job. Can't wait to see your next meet when you're 100%. Still an absolutely beast total. Congrats on the 500+ bench! Super impressive.

  17. McMeatBag says:

    Best hair at ST

  18. Medreg1983 says:

    great job
    piling on all that extra fat has given you the edge

  19. chubz says:

    looks like my boy has been going at that chicken adobo hard!!! nice work! mabuhay ang filipino!

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