Mark Dice Demo Reel



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  1. I'm really starting to like this Mark Dice guy. It's always nice to have a character like this spreading some truth. Funny stuff.

  2. mujaku says:

    The MDM has returned. We have a proud history of trying to stop illegal wars and taking care of our brothers (officers included). Some press about us from the 70s: "One militant West Coast Group (MDM has specialized in weapons theft from military bases in California…a team wearing Marine uniforms got away with nine M-16 rifles and an M-79 grenade launcher." Keep going Mark!

  3. Nathan Davis says:

    I mean, no wonder the cop came up to you! You were making a scene! I don't think being obnoxious is the way to get through to people about this. I admire the balls it takes to do stuff like this though. Especially the library thing. It was funny. Did you just walk into that classroom?

  4. haychex says:

    oh hell, you're the guy who interviewed danny bonaduce! that was hilarious even though ive seen it before because you probably have more noteoriety than him even though he told you that you were nobody who would amount to nothing. lol you're the shit, diceman.

  5. opinion56 says:

    im in fuckin tears omfg this is so funny omg hahahahhahaaaha wowowo ha

  6. Danny bonaduce is a little bitch he's a piece of shit that i will never support

  7. if people want to be so fucking stupid they want their country to go broke let them, look their forclosure rates have gone up 1000% and unemployed is sky rocketing wow what fucking dumbasses when people try to help them they laugh at the ones helping them and embrass those hurting and stealing from them blind i guess america will finally fall i give it a year at best before the economy crashes but i guess its some big conspiracy huh hahahaha

  8. Some people call it a theory, the theory is that the banker bailout was nothing more than a open give out of money from the gov, given to all their friends the bankers, conspiracy theorist said years ago that bankers would openly over throw the gov and take us into a new world order by crashing the economy by design and making us beg for it later and now its really happening now i cant believe people are stupid enough to let it happen, watch?v=XRLPG_HplrA

  9. mmnetwork says:

    My hero and role model… Mark Dice.

  10. cassiecjl2 says:

    and to think my husband is in the army protecting all of your stupid asses

  11. cotullaguy says:

    @cassiecjl2 no he is there working for the corporations moron.

  12. cassiecjl2 says:

    dont act like you know what my husband stands for,

  13. i agree with him on 911 but he needs to realize that Christianity is a big lie too.

  14. zekehooper says:

    I just noticed the girl in the background at :24, does she have 666 on her shirt? Funny that Mark didn't say something.

  15. zekehooper says:

    @palaceofwisdom just like the sienfeld show and look how succesfull that was. I'm just amazed that he can get into some of the places he does with a camera.

  16. thethirdq says:

    Please make morevideos like this!

  17. mark dice is a disinfo agent sayanim.

  18. Ethan Watton says:

    Big respect for Mr Mark Dice Aha!

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