Mark Dice tries to sell $1100 one ounce gold coin for $50; no takers



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  2. How do they know its real? And its Canadian for 50$ I wouldn't do it unless I verified it was gold. But I have been looking to invest in Gold for awhile and its changed, I thought a bullion went for about 800$

  3. On the other hand for 20$ I would take the risk.

  4. I wish he would have offered it to me I would have taken it in a heartbeat, on a chance it was real

  5. SOLD!!! Why do these offers never come around my way?

  6. Hunter Immel says:

    +Mark Dice Wow.. Come to the Bay Area, I will track you down and buy everything you have for those prices. I love this channel, great activism and proactive behavior. Thank you for inspiration.

  7. CVMA1895 says:

    Your lucky you didn't ask me Mark. I remember when gold was $32 an Oz

  8. AyZeD says:

    I guess it catches them off guard. if some random dude came and offered to sell me a gold coin totally out of the blue I'd be wonderi g what the catch is, is the coin fake? etc. I agree they're also retarded though.

  9. What sane persom would lend a stranger $50 to buy a gold coin from another stranger. I don't think mark realized how dumb he sounded

  10. Are you related to Dave England from Jackass ? Haha Your facial expressions and tone sound alike! Great video exposing the extent of the sheeple's unawareness

  11. NinjaKingRo says:

    calls people stupid for not buying $1100 worth of gold while he tries to sell it for $50

  12. John Zvacek says:

    If someone had a gold coin they wouldn't try to sell it for $50 on the street.
    This was really dumb.

  13. I want to buy it for $50 Mark Dice. Get ahold of me. thank you

  14. glockumollie says:

    Come down to my neighbor hood and I'll buy that so fast it'll make your head spin. I would keep it mark not sell it.

  15. Lucas Haehn says:

    They could just think its fake.

  16. Glenn Olson says:

    Mark – call me ,
    I can not believe people are so ill informed .
    Call me and let me buy u lunch – this video is undeliverable !!!!!!!
    People are absolutely Idiots !!!!!!!
    Call me lets do lunch Glenn 816 744 8888. :)

  17. I normally like Mark Dice's humor on, for instance his petitions, but not on this one. Most people just do not deal in gold, because their interests are elsewhere. I do not look at these people as dumb at all. On the other hand, he did the same with a silver bar worth over $100 and he was standing outside a pawn shop. He offered to go into the pawn shop with them to check out the value. I think those people made a poor choice not to take a few minutes out of their day to see if it was worth it. However, scams like this are going on all the time.

  18. vanchark says:

    If some guy came up to me with a mic, trying to sell me an ounce of gold for $50, I'd think there's something fishy going on

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