Mark Howitt – Death To The New World Order Interview (08-25-2013)



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  1. swanie wade says:

    Love Mark Howitt. Dude speaks nothin but the truth. It's no accident that youtube constantly bands his vids

  2. vegakvd says:

    Great interview, but the notion that people are born innocent and things like TV and media make people evil is ridiculous. People have been violent and killing each other since we were evolved enough to hold a weapon. We are violent by nature, it's survival. It was all about survival to get to this point. If anything, I would think we are at odds with ourselves trying to now "shut off" these primitive tendencies.

  3. 09251976100 says:

    All the people who are trying to expose the NWO should take note to what mark is doing.we need to suport one another in this fight together.and the truth will set us free if we the people speak as one they must listen,we need to draw the line as one nation.thanks for posting this vid

  4. We are born evil for we are made of flesh and the flesh is wicked. ONLY when we choose Jesus Christ, which we cannot do as a child, get baptized in Jesus Name Acts 2:38KJV, follow His commandments Matthew 19:17; Revelation 22:14,15KJV, fast, pray, read KJV constantly and consistently REPENT etc.& THAT is what helps us to keep Jesus in our presence because He is so Holy and cannot be around sin, we have to be of the spirit on of the flesh so yes we are born evil and need CHRIST.God Bless in Jesus

  5. Thank you for posting this. Just one more reason we need to unite. I'm blind, and am going through medical struggles, and I'm afraid my freedom may be in jeopardy.

  6. Pat Gd says:

    yes you are right that we are animals who fought in the beginning. but evolution and time has made us smarter beings believe there is more empathy now than 5000 years ago when they were fighting for their food and teritorium, the earth is more than enough for everyone you just have to start thinking in a different way otherwise I think our days are numbered (for most of us)

  7. Cee Dubz says:

    TY Mark. I feel like Neo in the Matrix and I'm trying to unplug myself from this bullshit´╗┐

  8. Steve Allan says:

    lose the beard Mark´╗┐

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