Mark Howitt interview on Michael Rivero Show – What Really Happened (01-02-2014)



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  1. anothaview says:

    Your "RFK – Bloodline Assassins (2010 Full Documentary)" is great work and was the first video how I discovered your channel.

  2. anabolicErik says:

    The host seems like a real dick

  3. I  dont believe the govt is concerned about people finding out about Sandy Hoax or all other shooting hoaxes…as questioning "dead kids' is much more delicate than spreading 911 conspiracy theory aroiund.  Furthermore, The Govt doesent make such blatent blunders in these hoaxes by accident, as they put them their intentionally ………we who believe these hoaxes are and always will be a Very small minority, as they are stranger than fiction, and most peple have no time to investigate 'crazy' conspiracy, esspecially with the MSM demonizing us…we will always be considered crazy, sorry to be so cynical

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